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iLCSoft release v01-17-09 [message #2380] Sat, 20 February 2016 04:37 Go to next message
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Dear all,

a new developers release v01-17-09 is available.

It contains a lot of developments for the new DD4hep based simulation and reconstruction - for details see release notes below.

Please use the corresponding ilcinstall tag for installation:
download: ll/tags/v01-17-09/?op=dl&isdir=1&rev=3230&peg=32 30
or checkout:
svn co

Reference installations are available at

/afs/ # SL6 gcc 4.4
/afs/ # SL6 gcc 4.8 c++11

(cvmfs and other OS to follow).

There is also an ILDConfig release v01-17-09 that has steering files for running the simulation and reconstruction (both old and new) for ILD with this release:

svn co

For instructions see:

https:// /v01-17-09/StandardConfig/current/README

https:// /v01-17-09/StandardConfig/lcgeo_current/README

Please report problems and questions related to this release in this thread.

Frank, for the ilcsoft team.

#   iLCSoft release - v01-17-09

 This is a developers release with many changes wrt. v01-17-08, 
 particularly to DD4hep and lcgeo, tracking and PFA code...


 Changes in v01-17-09  w.r.t. iLCSoft v01-17-08

Introduced 1 new package:

 MarlinKinfitProcessors v00-01
  moved example processors from MarlinKinfit to this new package in order to
  reduce cross-dependencies with MarlinReco (eg via GammaGammaFinder).

Changed Packages:
 LCIO v02-07

  - Added support for new momentumAtEndpoint feature
    in Java

     C++ :
    - added MCParticle::getMomentumAtEndpoint()

    - removed long deprecated methods
       - MCParticle::getNumberOfParents()
       - MCParticle::getParent(int i)
       - MCParticle::getNumberOfDaughters()
       - MCParticle::getDaughter(int i)

    - fixed many compiler warnings for clang

    - added example for setting particle id to recjob

    - added IDs for coild and calo endcaps to UTIL/ILDConf.h

    - fixed setting of CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to allow
      installation in 'usr/local'

    - fixed incorrect file names printed at the end of anajob

    - fixed compiler warnings for clang and c++11 in TESTs:
      non-constant-expression cannot be narrowed from type 'double' to 'float' in initializer list [-Wc++11-narrowing]

    - made UTIL::LCTime and UTIL::LCStdHepRdr compatible with gcc 5.3.1

 Gear v01-05

  - Vector3D.h: fixed compiler warnings of type:
     declaration of 'phi' shadows a member of 'this' 

   - added search field to doxygen doc

 CED v01-09-02
    M /CED/trunk/src/server/
 - replace << std::cout w/ std::endl ( bug for c++11)

 DD4hep v00-15

 2016-02-15 A.Sailer
  -  LCIOStdHepReader.cpp
    - fixed memory leak, compiled and valgrinded

 2016-02-10 F.Gaede
  - added utility  DD4hep::XML::setDetectorTypeFlag()
    to set the TypeFlag from xml element <type_flag type="0x42"/>
  - select detectors with 
    DD4hep::Geometry::DetectorSelector(lcdd).detectors(  ( DD4hep::DetType::TRACKER | DD4hep::DetType::ENDCAP )) ;
  - used in UtilityApps/
  - added detector_types.xml with int constants defined in DetType.h, include with :
    <include ref="${DD4hepINSTALL}/DDDetectors/compact/detector_types.xml"/>
    - add elements to xml, e.g.
     <type_flags type="DetType_TRACKER +  DetType_ENDCAP  + DetType_PIXEL + DetType_STRIP "/>

2016-02-10 M.Frank
    First implementation of conditions access. Required some movements of files
    from DDG4 (Properties) and some changes in the core conditions implementation.
    The basic infrastructure is now present. Don't know yet however how buggy it is...

2016-02-05 F.Gaede
  - added DetElement::typeFlag() and DetElement::setTypeFlag(unsigned int types)
  - added utility class DetType for setting detector type properties in type flag

2016-02-03 N.Nikiforou
  - Added plugin DD4hep_GenericSurfaceInstallerPlugin, copied from lcgeo
    to allow installation of surfaces to any sliced detector
  - Added DDDetectors to the sources directory so Doxygen picks up the
    plugin documentation

2016-02-02 F.Gaede
  - set momentum at endpoint (if lcio version > 2.6 ) for MCParticles in Geant4Output2LCIO.cpp 
  - fixed printlevel in Geant4Action::print()
  - removed random lines drawn in teveDisplay
  - dont't print DetectorData by default in dumpdetector

2016-02-02 A.Sailer
  - Implemented SimulatorFlags (DDFORHEP-17)
    * In ParticleHandler: vertexIsNotEndpointOfParent, Stopped, leftDetector
    * Steerable distance for vertexIsNotEndpointOfParent
    * TCUserParticleHanlder Simulator flags: DecayedInTracker, DecayedInCalorimeter

2016-01-21 A.Sailer/M.Frank
  - Improved user defined physics constructors
    * Allows user defined global rangecut
    * Allows extending particle table (e.g. B-Hadrons unknown to geant4)

2016-01-18 F.Gaede
  - fixed default c'tors in DDRec/DetectorData.h  to zero initialize sub-structures (LayerLayout etc)

2016-01-13 F.Gaede
   - allow the default sensitive action to be a tuple with parameter dictionary in e.g.:
     SIM.action.tracker = ("Geant4TrackerWeightedAction", {"HitPositionCombination" : 1 , "CollectSingleDeposits" :  False } )
   - fixed endpoint in MC-truth particles
2016-01-11 F.Gaede
  - fix hit momentum in Geant4TrackerAction (Geant4SDActions.cpp)

2016-01-11 A.Sailer
  - Add LargestAcceptableStep to field setup

2016-01-07 A.Sailer
  - Fix the logic for skipping of events at the start of input files: LCIO, HepMC, stdhep and HepEvt
  - Event number in lcio outputfile takes skipped events into account now

2016-01-06 F.Gaede
   - bug fix in DDSurfaces::ISurface for surface properties (orthogonal/parallel to z)
   (affected ILD VXD)

2016-01-05 F.Gaede
 - added print functions for DDRec::DetectorData objects
 - used in dumpdetector:
   dumpdetector compact.xml -d 

2015-12-09 N.Nikiforou
  - Modified teveDisplay to have three separate collections of surface vectors (u,v,n) 
    instead of one collection. Now the vectors are colored differently.
  - Changed signature of getSurfaceVectors() to allow selection of o,u,v,n vectors to 
    add to the collection, added option for name and color of collection.
  - Renamed surface list collections to "HelperSurfaces" and "SensitiveSurfaces".
  - Changed signature of getSurfaces() to allow setting of name and color of collection.

2015-12-01 M.Frank
  - Remove some of the compilation warnings
  - Remove energy cut in sensitive detectors
    If you though need, use a Geant4Filter to mask the action processing
  - Add a few tests for materialscan and simulation setups using XML or CINT.
  - Add a few tests for materialscan and simulation

2015-11-24 M.Frank
  - Implementation of multi-threading mode.
    To use and understand, please consult the DDG4 manual from the doc area.
  - "Old" Single threaded mode and functionality is preserved.
  - Numerous new classes supporting thread and master specific setup
  - Support for python configuration (see manual for details)
  - Support for global Geant4Actions executing in thread reentrant shared mode.
    (see manual for details)
  - DDG4 examples: DDG4/examples/ deleted and replaced with:
    1) DDG4/examples/  (single threaded, old example)
    2) DDG4/examples/ (multi threaded version of
  - Support user formats for the default printout statements for nicer printouts.
  - Removal of compiler warnings

2015-11-23 F.Gaede
 - added glbal method DD4hep::versionString() 

2015-11-13 S.Lu
 -  Added a new AHcal Barrel segementation: TiledLayerGridXY, to be used e.g.  
    for the ILD AHcal Barrel Sensitive layer segmentation design.

2015-10-30 F.Gaede
 - fixed LCIOFileReader to use sequential reading mode
   as using direct access always required runNum==0 and sequential evt nums ...

2015-10-15 F.Gaede
  - added implemation of conical surfaces 
    - ICone, VolConeImpl, VolCone, ConeSurface

2015-10-13 M.Frank
  - Remove explicit constructors for modular physics lists.
    Use the native Geant4 provided G4PhysListFactory instead.
    The physics list is instantiated as before with the "Extends" property.
  - Implement angular ranges in the Geant4IsotropeGenerator for phi [0,2pi] and theta[0,pi]
  - New sensitive detector Geant4TrackerWeightedAction
    Attempt to properly process combined deposits in tracking detectors.
  - Debug component Geant4SurfaceTest similar to the standalone program
    test_surfaces, but to be appended as a DDG4 event action for event by event
    tests of hits.

2015-10-09 M.Frank
  - Extend the functionality of the DDG4 plugins
    Geant4InteractionVertexBoost and Geant4InteractionVertexSmear.
    If the Mask property is set to -1, all interactions present
    at call time are smeared/boosted according to the parameters.
    Note, that the position of the plugins within the generation 
    sequence is important.
  - Add a new generator Geant4GeneratorWrapper to allow the use
    of native G4 generator classes such as the G4ParticleGun or
    the G4GeneralParticleSource. Still to be tested.
  - Extend the Geant4Random functionality: May now be instantiated
    like any other Geant4Action. Users may set the seed or the 
    luxury level.
    All calls to HepRandom (CLHEP) or gRandom (ROOT) will re-use 
    this instance. See DDG4/examples/ for illustration.
  - Updated DDG4 manual.

2015-09-30 F.Gaede
 - updated createGearForILD.cpp to use new parameters in LayeredCalorimeterData
  ( innerThickness, innerRadLength, etc)

2015-09-15 F.Gaede
  - refactoring of Surface classes:
    - made VolSurface a reference counting handle to 
      a polymorphic pointer of type VolSurfaceBase
      - this should facilitate the creation
        of dedicated surface classes for special cases
        such as inside the beampipe or the face of the calorimeter

2015-08-27 F.Gaede
    to LCDD.h

  - increased version number to v00-15

2015-08-20 M.Frank
  - DDCore: Modularize/abstract plugin manager 
  - VolumeManager: Fix bug propagating sensitive detectors
    Showed up in the examples of nested detectors

2015-08-12 N.Nikiforou
 - DDCore/XML: Added new helper functions to Layering engine:
   - double absorberThicknessInLayer(XML::Element e) : 
     returns total absorber thickness in given layer
   - void sensitivePositionsInLayer(XML::Element e, std::vector<double>& sens_pos) :
     provides positions of sensitive slices within a layer with respect to the 
     center of the layer

2015-07-25 M.Frank
  - DDSegmentation: Remove several 'shadow' warnings.

  - New build system for the DD4hep core, which greatly simplyfies the cmake files
    for the various sub-packages. 
    Tested with Andre's build script doc/
    (GEAR usage not tested though)

 lcgeo v00-16

 - added detector type flags to xml files for ILD_o1_v05 and Simplified_ILD_o1_v05
 - updated (ILD) geometry constructors to call XML::setDetectorTypeFlag(e,det)
 - fixed thicknesses for surfaces in FTD (FTD_Simple_Staggered_geo.cpp)
 - added surface for Be endplate of VXD shell (VXD04_geo.cpp)
 - added surface for support shell barrel  (VXD04_geo.cpp)
 - fixed layer structure BeamCal08.xml: include graphite in first layer
 - ILD_o1_v05.xml
   - fixed length of B-field
   - fixed z-position of EcalEndcap caloface surface
   - changed calo face layers to be constructed by plugin now

 - added example reconstruction steering file for SiD: ./example/run_sid_reco.xml
 - fixed material for encap helper surfaces 
   ( moved origin away from centerwhich is in the beam pipe)
 - added lcgeo.h defining version macros and
   method versionString()
 - renamed DDSimExceptions.h to LcgeoExceptions.h
 - added RunHeader to lcio file in
 - added first example implementation of SiDloi3:
    - ./SiD/compact/sidloi3/sidloi3_v00.xml
 - added connical surfaces to beam pipe:
 - added sensitive action CaloPreShowerSDAction
   - creates pre-shower collections for hits from first layer
   - to be used for (ILD) Ecals
 - protect usage of new member variables in LayeredCalorimeterData
   by usage of #if DD4HEP_VERSION_GE( 0, 15 )
   ( added workaround for this to work with ilcsoft v01-17-08/DD4hep v00-14 )
    - ./detector/calorimeter/GenericCalBarrel_o1_v01_geo.cpp
    - ./detector/calorimeter/GenericCalEndcap_o1_v01_geo.cpp
    - ./detector/fcal/BeamCal_o1_v01_geo.cpp
    - ./detector/fcal/LumiCal_o1_v01_geo.cpp

 - ILD_o1_v05.xml
   - Remove unused 'slice' from ILD calorimeters

  - Added two simplified SEcal drivers by removing detail Si wafer structure in the Si layer, which could 
    improve the performance by saving 9.4 s/event in simulation. Todo: thinking about a sensitive driver (segmentation) 
    for virtual cell and virtual gap from guard_ring and so on:
     - ./detector/calorimeter/SEcal04_Barrel_v01.cpp
     - ./detector/calorimeter/SEcal04_Endcaps_v01.cpp
  - ./detector/calorimeter/SEcal04_Barrel.cpp:
    - Added 'Ecal_fiber_thickness' and 'Ecal_Slab_shielding' thickness to the layer placement position. 
    - Update the Ecal wafer placement position 'wafer_pos_z' with correct dimension parameter to work together with 

  - Remove 'slice' from the following calorimeter drivers
    - ./detector/calorimeter/Yoke05_Barrel.cpp
    - ./detector/calorimeter/Yoke05_Endcaps.cpp
    - ./detector/calorimeter/SHcalSc04_EndcapRing.cpp
    - ./detector/calorimeter/SHcalSc04_Endcaps.cpp
    - ./detector/calorimeter/SHcalSc04_Barrel_v02.cpp
    - ./detector/calorimeter/SHcalSc04_Barrel_v01.cpp
    - ./detector/calorimeter/SHcalSc04_Barrel.cpp

A.Sailer 02/02/2016
  - ddsim
    * Add ExtraParticle tables
    * Add flag to define distance for vertexIsNotEndpointOfParent

N.Nikiforou 12/02/2016
  - Changed Solenoid_o1_v01_geo.cpp and SCoil02_geo.cpp for proper filling of 
    solenoid extent in the LayeredCalorimeterStructure for use by DDMarlinPandora

N.Nikiforou 11/02/2016
  - Fixed errors due to change of namespace of "_toDouble"
  - Added using of "DetType_AUXILIARY" for CLIC_o2_v04  ECalPlug and HCalRing

N.Nikiforou 10/02/2016
  - Modified Tracker*_geo.cpp, Vertex*_geo.cpp, ZPlanarTracker_geo.cpp, GenericCal*_geo.cpp  to add setting detector type via xml tag
  - Moved CLIC_o2_v04 to using TrackerEndcap_o1_v04 drivers that set ZPetalDisksData according to minimum/maximum R and average Z
    of all rings in one endcap tracker disk (for DDMarlinPandora)
  - Added "type_flags" tags to all CLIC_o2_v04 subdetector xml files and added include of detector_types.xml

N.Nikiforou 03/02/2016
  - Added deprecation warning for GenericSurfaceInstaller plugin which is now part of DD4hep. 
  - Moved CLIC_o2_v04 to using DDhep_GenericSurfaceInstallerPlugin rather than the local lcgeo implementation which is deprecated

A.Sailer 18/01/2016
  - ddsim
    * Add RangeCut parameter
    * Add LargestAcceptableStep for magneticField (10*m)

N.Nikiforou 15/12/2015
  - Switched CLIC_o2_v04 to using the GenericSurfaceInstaller. Changed therefore to using the following
    includes (notice _02 at the end of the name):
    * Vertex_o2_v04_02.xml
    * InnerTracker_o2_v03_02.xml
    * OuterTracker_o2_v03_02.xml
  - Changed the orientation of the endcap uvn vectors for Vertex and Tracker to 
    u(-1.,0.,0.), v(0.,0.,1.), n(0.,1.,0.), o(0.,0.,0.) using the GenericSurfaceInstaller rather than
    the individual surface installers (for which the orientation of uvn remains as before). The 
    vectors were set using plugin arguments in the xml. The resulting orientation puts v along R
    i.e. the "bad" measurement direction and u along -phi (clockwise). 
  - GenericSurfaceInstaller: by default all u,v,n,o vector components are now set to 0 which means 
    that the user has to define the non-zero components as arguments, otherwise the plugin fails
A.Sailer 15/12/2016
  - ddsim
    * Add default filter with Edep > 0

N.Nikiforou 10/12/2015
  - Added GenericSurfaceInstaller in detector/other to install surfaces to a given
    box-like volume. The u,v,n,o vectors are provided component-wise as arguments to the plugin.
    If the volumes are trapezoids (as in the case of the endcap) the thickness dimension is supposed to be 
    the same for both sides of the trapezoid (for example, dy1=dy2=dy) which is supposed to be handled
    when "casting" the Trapezoid shape into a Box
  - Added InnerTracker_o2_v03_02.xml and OuterTracker_o2_v03_02.xml in CLIC_o2_v04 (not used by default)
    as examples using the new GenericSurfaceInstaller
N.Nikiforou 04/12/2015
  - Modified CLIC_o2_v04 to use proper convention for listing slices in module composition.
    In this convention, when you list a layer or a slice/component in a module, the top-most
    element in the xml is the component that is closest to the IP (top-most is inner-most).
  - Created new drivers and new xml files to use them
     * TrackerBarrel_o1_v03 and TrackerEndcap_o1_v03 used by Inner/OuterTracker_o2_v03.xml
     * VertexEndcap_o2_v03 used by Vertex_o2_v04_01
  - Created new surface installer plugins copied from DD4hep that follow the convention discussed above
    and used by the new drivers. They are listed below with the u,v,n and origin vectors as defined in 
    the driver coordinate system :
     * TrackerBarrelSurfacePlugin: u(-1.,0.,0.), v(0.,-1.,0.), n(0.,0.,1.), o(0.,0.,0.)
        + Assumes the driver builds the module along the original +z axis, with the top-most slice
          stacked perpendicular to z, closest to (0,0,0) with eventual rotations to place the module
          in the barrel so that the slice is inner-most. This is the case now in TrackerBarrel_o1_v03 
     * TrackerEndcapSurfacePlugin: u(0.,0.,1.), v(1.,0.,0.), n(0.,1.,0.), o(0.,0.,0.);
        + Assumes the driver builds the module along the original +y axis, with the top-most slice
          stacked perpendicular to y, closest to (0,0,0) with eventual rotations to place the module
          in the barrel so that the slice is inner-most. This is the case now in TrackerEndcap_o1_v03 

A.Sailer 30/11/2015
  - Added steering of filter to ddsim
    * assign filters to sensitive detectors
    * create your own filters
  - Added dumpSteeringFile option to ddsim
    * prints steeringFile to stdout with current values as default

A.Sailer 23/11/2015
 - Added information to the lcio runHeader in ddsim. This needs the DD4hep revision 1984!
   * The steeringFile content, commandline and resulting ddsim parameters are written
   * geant4 and dd4hep version is written directly in dd4hep.
   * user, workingdirectory and date are written as well

A.Sailer 06/10/2015
 - ddsim python simulator
 * "ddsim --help" to print all the command line parameters currently available
 * example/ to see an example steering file with some options
 * to enable tab-completion for ddsim: requires bash (or zsh),bash-completion, and python argcomplete
   (e.g. install with: [sudo] pip install argcomplete)
   in the shell run: eval "$(register-python-argcomplete ddsim)"

N.Nikiforou 24/08/2015
 - Modified CLIC_o2_v03/ECalBarrel_o2_v01_01.xml, ECalEndcap_02_v01_01.xml and
   ECalPlug_o1_v01_01.xml to avoid having layers without active element
   which complicates implementation for reconstruction.
   This was the case for the last (outermost) dead layer (absorber only).
   Instead, added one more type of layer with only one repeat which includes the extra
   absorber plate
 - Fixed bug (?) in CLIC_o2_v03/ECalEndcap_02_v01_01.xml and ECalPlug_o1_v01_01.xml
   which had different siPCBMix thickness compared to the ECalBarrel (1.20 mm -> 0.80 mm). 

N. Nikiforou 19/08/2015 

   - Made a new version for CLIC named CLIC_o2_v03 which includes better representations
     of X0 in the Trackers
   N. Nikiforou
   - Added new Generic Calorimeter drivers based on Polyhedra Calorimeters named
     GenericCalBarrel and GenericCalEndcap. The Generic drivers
     were obtained by svn cp from HCalBarrel and HCalEndcap respectively and are used
     in the CLIC_o2_v03 model by the ECal, HCal and Yoke Endcaps, Barrels and Rings.
     These new drivers (almost identical to the old ones) will be used to avoid making 
     changes in all the drivers while developing the reconstruction framework.
     Changes include:
     - Cleaning up of old comments, old code snippets and featurs no longer used (like
       multiple sensitive elements per layer which will not be supported by the reco).
     - Introduction of the new LayeredCalorimeterStruct variables defined in DDRec:
       - inner/outer thicknesses, nRad/nIntLengths and sensitive element thicknesses
     - Avoidance of cloning of element volumes in the barrel case
     - Start of counters (e.g. layer, module, stave, etc) from 0 rather than 1

 KalTest v02-01
   - default measurement dimension (kSdim) set to 5
   - added flag BUILD_WITH_T0_FIT (default OFF)
     setting the measurement dimension to 6 
   - TKalDetCradle.cxx
     - bug fix for intersection calculation using the newtonian
       solver such as cones for example
       ( reseting the deflection angle to 0 in TKalDetCradle::Transport()) 

 aidaTT v00-03
 - many changes, fixes and updates (for details, see svn -v log )


 - added material_ntuples.cpp to create ntuple with material
   properties from model and surfaces
 - drawx0.C makes comparison plots for x0 
 - fixed scattering matrices 
   (setting off diagonal elements to 0.)

 - implmented cone intersection 
   using a newtonian method

  - added optional use of streamlog
  -  adapted lcio_tracks.cpp to (re)fit
    tracks including material effects
   - fixed some compiler warnings
  - fixed geometry initialization for examples
   ( added  IGeometry& instance(const std::string& initString ) )
  - added example material_effects/check_materials.cpp

  - cleaned up trajectory class ( documentation, code,...)
    - fixed issue w/ energy loss for jacobian
    - removed unneeded members and methods
      - surface intersections, bfield,...

  - fixed issue w/ calculation of curvilinear coordinate system (use s==0.)
  - pulls for central muons are now as good as w/ DDKalTest

 - finished first implementation of taking energy loss into account for
   initial track parameters:
     - trajectorElements now hold a track state that is valid until the next element
     - track states are computed in addMeasurment/addScatterer
   - implemented pointAt/tangentAt for trajectory with many track parameters
 - moved energy loss calculation to
 - updated examples to using IGeometry instead of DD4hepGeometry
 - some code cleanup ...

  - cleaned up geometry interface:
    - made IGeometry a singleton
    - implemented access to B field map
    - added doxygen documentation
  - added materialUtils.hh
    - computeQMS ( needs debugging )
  - added a track state to trajectoryElement

  - restrucured code base:
    - renamed helixGymnastics.hh to helixUtil.hh
    - removed helixHelpers.hh
      -> combine all helix relates utilitiy functions in helixUtil.hh
      -> combine fitting releated helper functions in utilities.hh   
    - documented helix functions
    - created second version taking only Vector5 and Vector3D as
      arguments to have less overhead when used outside aidaTT
    - cleaned up definition of track parameterization 
       -> access functions defined in trackParameterizationLCIO.hh
    - moved Vector3D, Vector5 and fiveByfiveMatrix to core
    - renamed helpers to util
   - added implementations of Vector5 and fiveByFiveMatrix
      using the Eigen library for later use  ...

   - bug fix for intersection calculation w/ cylinders:
      - return solution w/ positive s if both solutions
        are ~equal
   - bug fix for calculation of phi from x,y:
     - take abs(dphi) to be less than M_PI

   - added code to treat 1D measurements (commented out for now)
   - write out Millipede-2 file for debugging in GBLInterface

   - restrict intersections to first half arc of the track

   - GBLInterface
   - calculate only intersections with positive s and sort list
   - fix calculation of qms

  - changed IFittingAlgorithm, GBLInterface and
    trajectory to be able to return more than one result
    (at different sites) for the fit


  - calculating energy loss only in surfaces that are considered scatterers
  - correction in  the calculation of particle's energy
  - first implementation of energy loss - still needs some debugging & testing
  - modify trajectoryElement as to obtain an element that isn't a scatterer or a measurement, 
   use IP as such an element and add it to the trajectory

  - re-implement seeding and iterative fitting in the example, removing some not necessary debugging output

  - modifying function intersectsWithinZCylinderBounds in order to return both solutions and not only the closest one

  - correcting the sign in the calculation of qop

  -  fixing a bug in the calculation of the first's element arc-length & 
   modify the lcio_tracks example in order to cope with TPC tracks

  - crosschecking the system's transformations

  - unitTests/
    adding test to check the creation of an lcio track from an aida track
  - adding test of covariance matrix in initial track parameters test
  - test for comparing the trajectory cov. mat with the one that is written out to lcio track

 DDKalTest v00-03
 - use new (faster) standalone helix intersection methods

 - workaround for hits that are smeared off the DDRec::surface in the
   old digitizer

 - added DDConeMeasLayer
 - fixed bug in energy loss and multiple scattering
   for non-planar surfaces ( compute normal at x'ing point)

- distinguish between zplanes, disks and generic planes for sorting policy

- switch back to use SurfaceHelper class in order to get
  all insensitive surfaces ( lost in SurfaceMap )
- fixed some compiler warnings

 MarlinTrk v02-01

 - fix condition for setting the z0 to 0 for calo TS
   for curling tracks 

 - generalized the subdetectorHitNumbers to work for 
   any detector (assuming that the tracker system ids are
   smaller than the Ecal system id !)

 - fix bug with track state at cale endcap for old tracking 
   ( use  lcio::ILDDetID::ECAL also for endcap ) 

 - MarlinAidaTTTrack:
     added a prefit to the initialize: 
     use up to ~25 hits for an initial fit (w/o material) 
     before doing the actual fit with all hits 
   - added IMarlinTrkSystem::name() 
     in order to allow tracking utilities to adapt 
     to special features of fitters 
   - allow to fall back to IMarlinTrkTrack implementations
     initialise()  in createFinalisedLCIOTrack()
       -> for aidaTT see procedure above
    - set precision of 2nd direction v to 0. for 1D hits
    - ignore virtual surface with no material (e.g. inside the beam pipe)
    - fixed issue w/ result labels 
    - fixed point labels if QMS is turned off
    - treat 1D measurements correctly
    - finalized implementation of IMarlinTrkTrack interface
    - can be used in RefittProcessor 
    - added first implementation if IMarlinTrk for aidaTT
      - needs debugging ...

   - fixed track state at calo creation 
   - consider only DDCylinderMeasLayers as IP layers 

 MarlinTrkProcessors v02-02

   - RefitProcessor
     - for each subdetctor X, store nhits in fit in lcio::ILDDetID::X -1 and nhits 
       in track in lcio::ILDDetIDX -2. Structure needed for Pandora.
   - file added for correct comparison for float and double: fpcompare.h 
   -DDCellsAutomatonMV/ ExtrToTracker
     - criteria based on nhits ans QI for CA vertex tracks, remove the possibility of geo from gear file (option GEO1 in compilation) 
       for extrapolated tracks

  - DDPlanarDigiProcessor:
   - introduced parameter ForceHitsOntoSurface:
     - if true hits are projected onto the planar surface
       if they are putside the bounds
     - no check on distance is applied !
    - store the resolution from the length of the wafer for 1D hits
      ( could be treated as 2d measurements )

  - RefitProcessor:
     - no longer write incomplete tracks (w/o) track state at calo
     - rely on MarlinTrkTrack's implementation of initialise() if
       no already fitted TrackState is used

 Clupatra v00-13
  - fix for TS @calo: set z0 to 0
  - protect against failure in adding a trackerhit in TrackSegmentMerger
  - make track state at calo again compatible w/ old sim/rec
  - fixed creation of track state at calo
  - activate propagete in track fit
    (-> needed for pull distributions)

 KiTrackMarlin v01-08
   M /KiTrackMarlin/trunk/src/Tools/
 - make track state at calo compatible with old sim/rec again
 - fixed creation of track state at calo

 ForwardTracking v01-09
  Rosa Simoniello
   - added DDForwardTracking
   - ATT: Endcap* and Sector* files for CLIC temporary added in this package instead of KiTrack till the pattern
          recognition for CLIC is stable. DDForwardTracking added. It contains the patter recognition for CLIC in 
          the endcap vertex+tracker region. It is interfaced with DD4hep.

 MarlinUtil v01-11

  - Added WeightedPoints3D class, a class that analyses a set of points
    in 3 dimensions (possibly with weights), and calculates things like
    covariance matrix, averge position, eigen-vectors/values ...

   M /MarlinUtil/trunk/source/src/
 - merge back changes from version copied to
   MarlinReco for HLR week at Desy:
    - added dummy error functions to ClusterShapes for MarlinPandora development (J.List)
    - cluster shape variables added for mu-pi seaparation (H.Sert)

 T.Quast (RWTH Aachen)
   - added
     utility and detector draw routines for CEDViewer

 Marlin  v01-08

   M /Marlin/trunk/source/include/marlin/Processor.h
  - commented out old define for m_out (conflicts with a boost header )

 DDMarlinPandora  v00-03

 N. Nikiforou 19/02/2016
 - Merged changes from ILDCaloDigi (MarlinReco rev. 5432) into DDCaloDigi. 
   It incorporates changes to ILDCaloDigy by Daniel. The introduction of
   parameters for the cell encoding fiels was not merged, since lcio files
   produced with DDSim will have the standard conventions defined in 
   the calorimeter segmentations
 - Implemented access of subdetectors by DetType flags instead of strings
 - Elevated missing ECal parameters to ERROR

N. Nikiforou 17/02/2016
 - Merged changes from MalrinPandora 02-02-00 up to today (7c88d10)


 - enforce unique selection in getExtension(include,exclude)
   - throws exception if not unique
 - bug fix: eCalBarrelExtension -> eCalEndcapExtension
   for setting m_eCalEndCapInnerZ 
 - added DetType::FORWARD to excludeFlags for main calorimeters 
 - added DetType::AUXILIARY to excludeFlag for LCal ( exclude BeamCal )
 - :
   - added dd4hep units to parameters extracted from DD4hep 
   - protect against poor tracks ( ndf <0 or missing/poor parameters)
   - added debug printout for track selection

N.Nikiforou 12/02/2016:
  - Changed handling of Coil parameters: now the info is accessed from LayeredCalorimeterData 
    extensions attached to the drivers (Solenoid for CLICdp, SCoil02 for ILD).
  - Removed/commented out obsolete and unused auxilliary static functions

N.Nikiforou 11/02/2016 (pm):
  - Major overhaul using the detector type flags throught the package. No more string processor parameters
    to access detectors.
  - Protected some more against uncaught exceptions, but still more work needed
  - Added more static helper functions to access extensions by data type flags

N.Nikiforou 11/02/2016 (am):
  - Modified DDTrackCreatorILD to use det type flags. Dropped tracker/vertex detector name parameters
  - Modified DDTrackCreatorILD to actually access hits in fit (offset 2) which is the definition now. 

N.Nikiforou 10/02/2016:
  - Started using the new facility by DD4hep that allows the accessing of detectors based on their
    detector type flags. For now, just DDTrackCreatorCLIC was modified. The Marlin Processor parameters
    associated with the vertex and tracker will soon be removed.

N.Nikiforou 07/09/2015:
  - Many changes that require full implemetation of DDRec structures for all subdetectors 
  - Introduced DDTrackCreatorBase class and derived implementation classes for ILD and CLIC
  - Removed references to "TPC" from DDTrackCreatorBase::Settings. Whatever was a configuration parameter
    has its relevant variable and Processor parameter names changed from "Tpc" to "BarrelTracker". Also, 
    moved any TPC geometry-related variables from DDTrackCreatorBase::Settings to DDTrackCreatorILD proper.
  - Added Parameter for DDPandoraPFANewProcessor: TrackCreatorName to select the relevant implementation 
    of DDTrackCreatorBase for the detector model in use (Curretly ILD or CLIC). Still need to implement
    a proper factory to select the proper algorithm. 

 Mokka mokka-08-05-01
 - patch in
   - use G4PhysListFactory if specified list not found
     ( allows e.g. to use FTFP_BERT_EMY )

 MarlinReco v01-14

M. Berggren
   - Much ameliorated linking for clusters, taking back-scattering and
     decays in flight into account in a more correct way when finding
     what MCP to connect to a sim-hit.
     Work-around for the inverted meaning of the vertexIsNotEndpointOfParent
     method in Mokka. Set processor parameter  InvertedNonDestructiveInteractionLogic
     to activate the work-around (default is false)
     More consistent debugging. All levels from 0 to 9 used.

   - improved RecoMCTruthLinker
     Changed weight in hit<->mcparticle relation to the CaloHit energy (instead of the
     SimHit one). Also means the sim-hits not digitised (ie. without related CaloHit)
     are ignored. This also feeds through to the weights in the Cluster<->MCparticle
     relation, which should now be more correct: correct calibration factors applied
     for each hit.
     When doing the final relinking in problematic cases, explicitly check *only* back-scatters.
     Added MCP->cluster link for the case with the fixup of the missing truth-link for
     the LCAL in the DBD samples. Before only cluster->MCP was filled in this case.
   - Correted the true-particle to calorimeter-hit link for the case that
     the original true particle has been squeezed out by the cluster-linker,
     typically because it was created before the calorimeter, but after the
     last sensitive layer in the tracker.

  - AddClusterProperties:
     Use the PFO energy (not the cluster) when assign the PFO 4-momentum.
     Also add the sum of weights (=hit energy) to the cluster shape parameters.
     (In the DBD production, this is the same as the cluster energy, but it
     is not guaranteed to be the case).
   - Better/safer use of collection-parameters for indexing in sub-detector energy and shape-parameter arrays.
   - Different/simpler(?) calculation of Cov(4mom) in PFO.

 - changed log level for "processing event" from MESSAGE to DEBUG8
   -> use Statusmonitor instead

   - added GammaGammaCandidateTruthFilter
    New processor to select those GammaGammaCandidates (fitted pairs of Pandora PFO photons) based 
    on MC information indicating actual parentage from a true pi0, eta or eta' meson decaying to gamma gamma.
    Output collections are called TrueGammaGammaPi0s etc.
    Cuts are made on the parent meson being prompt (production vertex distance < 10 cm), and the amount of the PFO 
    energy coming from the MC photon following similar criteria developed in ILDPerformance/pi0.
    This aspect will need some further investigation/tuning.

 - improve TrueJet:
 - First version that runs also over Higgs samples. No crash/obvious problem in several 1000s of events, 
   but more sophisticated checks pending. When running with full RecoMCTruthLink, estimate of of seen of true 
   energy needs fix, both on standard Whizard and Higgs samples

 M. Kurata
    - change overall structure for particle ID in LikelihoodPIDProcessor
    - change dEdx error estimation


    Added AddClusterProperties processor, a processor that adds cluster
    position and direction (w/uncertainties) to clusters, energy error 
    (if not already set) to clusters and 4-mom (w/ covariance)
    to neutral PFOs. Depends on a new MarlinUtil class (WeightedPoints3D),
    so for now, the processor is out-commented in CMakeLists.txt, to
    avoid problems if MarlinUtil isnot up-to-date !

  - update GammaGammaCandidateFinder
    - compute and fill ReconstructedParticle covariance matrix
  - Add GammaGammaSolutionFinder and DistilledPFOCreator processors
  - Add some steering options - and fit quality checks
  - Add 1st implementation of graph based solution finding in GammaGammaSolutionFinder - depends on BOOST

  - The correlations of the energy (e) with x,y,z,e were stored in the wrong position of the matrix
    in FourMomentumCovMat. Thx to Ali Ebrahimi.

  -  electronics dynamic range applied before unfolding of PPD saturation
    in /

  - a separate algorithm was created for low P mu-pi ID in

 - leave skipping or not an event without isolep to user in

  -  bugfix on track charge in TrackToRecoParticleConverter

  - added dummy error functions to ClusterShapesMR for MarlinPandora development, to be filled with life 
    once proper calculations 
    are available
  - made SimpleFCalDigi use MarlinUtil:caloTypeFromString(_caloType)

 FCalClusterer v00-02

* Bugfixes/improvements by Bogdan Pawlik
  - Read Parameters from Gear
  - More steering parameters from xml
  - Fix to create the cluster on the proper side

* Bugfixes/improvements from Andrey Sapronov
  - BackgroundMethod Parametrised renamed to Gaussian
  - new BackgroundMethod Parametrised with Gaus/x parametrisation

* More examples in the example folder

* Bugfixes from Andre Sailer

 ILDPerformance v00-02

  - Jenny added PID subdirectory 
  - additional directories:  JER, PID, pi0 

   -> for details see Changelog.txt

 LCFIVertex v00-07-01
  - same code as  v00-07 but correct version number ( was  v00-06-02 in v00-07)

 LCFIPlus v00-07
   F.Gaede:  the releases mentioned below have never been created in SVN
     but they are contained in this release:

| v00-06-03 |
- Bugfix in JetFinder (default behaviour changed at v00-06-01)
- Durham and Valencia jet algorithms with beam jets introduced

| v00-06-02 |
- Automatic creation of JointProbability histograms implemented
- Calculation of joint probability with histograms automatically created (jprob2)
  Use v03_p01 steering, vertex probability and weight files in ILDConfig
  for the new joint probability.

| v00-06-01? |
- Added possibility to include beam jets in JetFinder (thanks to Philipp Roloff)

| v00-06-00a |
***** Development release: please use at your own risk *****
- 6-category training (b,c,o,bb,bc,cc) implemented
- Extracting all variables used for the flavor tagging now available
- Added MC-related input variables (MCnb, MCnc etc.)
  in flavor tagging to be used for training
  (available only if MCParticle collection is supplied)
- Added more input variables for flavor tagging

 MarlinKinfit v00-02
 moved example processors now into separate package MarlinKinfitProcessors,
 added ZinvisibleFitObject,
 debugged covariance matrix on fitted 4-momenta. 

 PandoraPFANew v02-05-00
many changes - see individual packages release notes:
PandoraSDK: v02-02-00
PandoraMonitoring: v02-02-00
LArContent: v02-04-01
LCContent: v02-02-00
ExampleContent: v02-01-02
 ---- previous release:
PandoraSDK: v02-00-00
PandoraMonitoring: v02-00-00
LArContent: v02-00-00
LCContent: v02-00-00

 MarlinPandora v02-02-00

PfoCreator updates to set Cluster and ReconstructedParticle properties. Requires new functionality from MarlinUtil ClusterShapes class.
Changed definition of some output properties and provided some new outputs, as agreed at High Level Reconstruction Workshop in June 2015.
Update Track creator to calculate track time at calorimeter.
Bug fix added to validate track relationship information in the case where pattern recognition is cheated.
Added MarlinPandoraValidation.xml to scripts directory.  This script is to be used when validating changes to Pandora.
Modified MarlinPandora.xml to show necessary settings for running of multiple concurrent pandora instances.

TAG v02-01-00
PandoraSettings updates, switch verson control and source distribution to git.

 CEDViewer v01-11
 - ced2go
    - increased size of tracker hits drawn for tracks
    - added optional EventSelector to ced2go/ced2go-template-DD4.xml
     ( commented out )
   - added printout of shown collections and event number to DDCEDViewer
   - fixed duplicate drawing of collections in DDCEDViewer
   - fixed some log levels
   - introduced flag DrawEllipsoidForPFOClusters
     (default is Disabled)
   - draw calorimeter hits for PFO clusters ...

T.Quast, RWTH Aachen
  - ced2go
   - Allow for Marlin options '--', '-n' option removed due to default 'global.SkipNEvents=...' option
   - Extend ced2go's help message
  - DDCEDViewer
   - Jet collections to be defined in DrawInLayer, jets are drawn if the collection contains the substring 'Jet'
   - use logarithmic (ROOT) color map for reconstructed clusters' energy visualization
   - energy-weighted track lengths for jet entities
   - energy-weighted track lengths for jet entities
   - Draw energy clusters as ellipsoids. Energy scaling with colors, (energy weighted) spatial extension <--> size of according ellipsoid
   - Improve jet visualization for CEDViewer
   - removed GEAR dependencies, merge of processors, adjusted ced2go and add skipNEvents option, 
     implement jet visualization  (commit requires tip version of MarlinUtil

 MarlinTPC v01-01

  - replaced m_out with streamlog_out
    ( m_out no longer defined in Marlin)

  - updated pulse fraction plot implementation and included plot with fraction of hits with 4 or more pulses
  - added the possibility to run distortion corrections based on calculations done
  with Millepede II, for which the data is prepared by
  SimpleHelixGeneralBrokenLineInterfaceProcessor and
  also added SelectNthEventsProcessor (originally written by Uli Einhaus, improved
  by me) which allows to select a subset of events to run the distortion
  calculations on
  - I split off the pulse shape part of PulsePerHitProcessor into it's own Processor
  I also added a new plot to the PulsePerHit rootscript, which shows the fractions
  of hits with specific numbers of pulses vs the drift distance

  -Changes in the simulation of readout electronics (ADC pulses): 
  - adding the possibility to include time jitter for Gaussian ADC and ALTRO ADC.
  - changed shaper function in ALTROADC from TF1 to a plain double function to save computing time - TF1::EvalPar comes with a lot of extra stuff which is run every time Eval is called, when all we really need is to calculate the function result).
  (- and also some indentation changes in the GaussianADC.)
   - calculation of hit time: added option to take neighbour pulses into account in addition to the maximum.
  - Simulation of primary ionisation: more flexibility in reading in electrons-per-cluster file (e.g. no more hard-coded line numbers). Replaces all printf's and cerr's with matching streamlog_out. 
  - Added the possibility to include noise to simulated ADC spectra.
  - One can switch between different models to describe the (options are 0=no noise, 1=gaussian, 2=landau):
  When noise is included, the amount of noise to add to the ADC spectrum is taken from a Gaus distributed around zero. The with of this Gaus is chosen for each pad individually from either a Gaus or a Landau distribution around the parameter NoiseLevel (mean of the pedestal width distribution) with width parameter NoiseWidth.
  - To account for the fact that horribly noisy channels would probably be excluded from the analysis of real data, a cutoff for the allowed noise level can be set.
  - Fixed the indentation of a few files I'm planning to commit (decided to do it in a seperate commit, so that svn diff will still show meaningful differences for the actual changes in future commits, and not be flooded by whitespace / linebreak / ... changes).
  Indentation now done according to the coding conventions as described in the MarlinTPC wiki (i.e. the result of running astyle -s4 -C -c -M80 -U -p -k1 -A1 -S -Y on the files...).
  - Fixes/changes in MMHitTimeCorrectionProcessor
   - now the readout frequency set in ReadoutFrequencyOverride is actually used
   - in methods 6 and 7 (Gaussian Inflexion Point and Gaussian Mean): changing from arrays to vectors for the fitted bins, to account for the case where less than 5 bins before the maximum are available
   - fixed indentation of the code
  - Simulation of primary ionisation: adding option to use user-given parametrisation for the cluster density.
  This was necessary since the parametrisation for TDR/P5/P10 does not match T2K gas as well (seems to be mostly due to the isobutane).
  - Adding the T2K parametrisation to simulation inputs;
  also including the code used to obtain it in tools/SimulationClusterDensity for potential future use with other gas mixtures.
   - Simulation: bug fix in HitDistributor. A factor of 0.5 was missing in the gaussian integral for the z-distribution calculated when longitudinal distribution in the GEM stack is switched on. This resulted in depositing a total charge factor 2 too high.
   - GEM simulation: allow setting of the theta-parameter for polya gain as an optional parameter. Some minor changes to othere files in addition (mostly graph/histogram names).

 LCTuple v01-05

  - protect against missing collections in
  -  Implement CalorimeterHitBranches into LCTuple.
  - Added covariance matrix histograms to jet branches
  - added lctuple_DST.xml  to convert current DST to root


Re: iLCSoft release v01-17-09: centOS7 installation report [message #2390 is a reply to message #2380] Thu, 17 March 2016 23:57 Go to previous message
Messages: 22
Registered: November 2012
Hello ilcsofters,

I've installed v01-17-09 on CentOS7:
"CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)
Derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 (Source)"
gcc version 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-4) (GCC)

I ran into a few small problems which prevented it from being a totally pain-free experience. I post them here in case they are useful for others.

1) I gave up trying to compile and install CERNLIB, it did not seem to want to compile with gfortran...

This required a couple of changes to release-ilcsoft.cfg:

ignore fortran parts of MarlinReco
ilcsoft.install( MarlinReco( MarlinReco_version )) 
# the following means we don't need cernlb

and turn off FastJetClustering.

2) my dual core laptop froze completely during installation: change to

in release-ilcsoft.cfg to compile serially.
The stages of "Building CXX object DDCore/CMakeFiles/DDCore.dir/src/parsers/ParsersStandard*" in particular seem to require a lot of memory.

3) Then I bumped into a problem when compiling DD4hep.
I already had ftgl installed on my system, which meant that the root installation did not compile it's own internal version of this package. The root version of the library is called, while the "native" one is DD4hep looks for -lFTGL, and therefore didn't find the native library.
I fixed this by removing ftgl from the system and reinstalling/compiling root, forcing it to install its own version.

4) added following to release-ilcsoft.cfg for c++11:
ilcsoft.module("MarlinPandora").envcmake["CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS"]='-std=c++11 -Wall'
ilcsoft.module("PandoraPFANew").envcmake["CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS"]='-std=c++11 -Wall'

I'm not sure both were needed, but it did the trick.
(I had set
use_cpp11 = False


5) KalTest tried to build against "native" root (i.e. the one I had installed via "yum install root*") installation, rather than version installed during ilcsoft base installation. Removing the "native" version fixed it.

Now all seems OK.
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