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Dear all,

a new release of ilcsoft (v01-13-06) is available.

v01-13-06 is a developers release to allow people to produce test samples for the ild meeting in may. This release contains updates to the tracking code and additions to the simulation models. Please use ILD_Ox_v03 series. Incompatibilities will occur when trying to use older ILD_Ox_v0{1,2} series.

Please refer to the Release notes below for more details.

Use the ilcinstall tool with the appropriate configuration files in order to install ilcsoft v01-13-06.

Reference installations in afs are available at:

/afs/   # SL5 32bit
/afs/ # SL5 64bit

Please report any problems and questions regarding this release in this forum.

The iLCSoft team.

Release Notes for v01-13-06


 New packages added in v01-13-06


 BBQ : v00-01-02 (M. Killenberg)

    BBQ is an event display for detailed TPC studies, based on TEve and ILCSoft. It can display the reconstructed tracks and 3D hits, as well as pulse information as projection onto the pads and in voxels (3D space bucktes). All pad planes currently available in GEAR are fully supported. 

 KiTrack & KiTrackMarlin (R. Glattauer):

    KiTrack: Contains algorithms for track finding and (abstract) base classes used by those algorithms. The two main algorithms are the Cellular Automaton and the Hopfield Neural Network.

    KiTrackMarlin: Implementation of the KiTrack base classes in the Marlin framework and some tools.


 Changes in v01-13-06 w.r.t. iLCSoft v01-13-05


GEAR: v01-02-01

    - extended functionality of GlobalPadIndex of the TPC (M. Killenberg)
    - fixed bug in globalToLocal of TPCModule (check for identical coorinate systems was wrong)
    - restore stream formatting after use
    - added CMP0008 cmake policy statement
    - removed unnecessary const in function declarations (clang++ warning)

KalDet: v01-08

    - ild
      - Added SET detector

MarlinUtil: v01-05-02

     - bug fix MarlinCED: high pt track straight line was sometimes drawn in wrong direction
     - fixed warnings and made compatible w/ clang++

CEDViewer: v01-05-01

    - added drawing of the strip measurment for SIT TrackerHitPlane
    - fixed ced2go in case variable STANDARDCONFIG is not set
    - made compatible with clang++

Marlin: v01-03

   - changed error handling:
     have global try-catch block in main in order to not have to rely on
     std::terminate/std::unexpeted (machine dependent and not compatible with ROOT)
   - fixed DEBUG printouts in startup phase (e.g. Marlin -x ...)

Mokka: mokka-07-07-p08

    - added the space frames on the microstrips petals
    - fix the problem in G4Polyhedra for HcalEndCapRingSolid:
    - updated parameters name with "Ring" for HcalEndcapRing.
    - VXD04: fixed the overlap of ladders: no again  overlapped per layer
    - corrected gear parameters for layers 2,4,6, VXDSimpleMaterial registered
      in gear file
    - removing ' false ' overlaps in SEcal04
    - fixing overlaps in ServicesHcalModuleZ+/- , SServices_02_v00,
      SIT_Simple_Planar, SET_Simple_Planar, SHcalRPc01

MarlinReco: v01-01-02

    - TrackDigi/FPCCDDigi/src/FPCCDDigitizer: bug fixed - unified the layer number in each function.
    - TrackDigi/TPCDigi/src/TPCDigiProcessor: use lcio::ILDDetID::barrel instead of 0
    - made compatible w/ clang++ compiler

MarlinTrk: v01-06

   	  - Added convenient utility methods for fitting and producing LCIO tracks.
	  - Added SET.
	  - Moved initial pivot from the origin to the point where the initial helix crossed the layer containing the first hit to be filtered. 
	  - Replaced NULL C macro with 0 for pointers value.
	  - Corrected phi range for moveRefPoint in HelixTrack.
	  - Corrected the direction of the helix fit in HelixTrack
   	  - Added diagnostic functionality. 
	     This needs to be enabled via the #define statement MARLINTRK_DIAGNOSTICS_ON in MarlinTrkDiagnostics.h. 
	     The recording of diagnostics is controlled via DiagnosticsController, with recording off by default. 
             To enable recording use getDiagnositicsPointer on the IMarlinTrkSystem and cast to DiagnosticsController, 
	     then call init(std::string root_file_name, std::string root_tree_name, bool recording_on) 
	     with recording_on set to true.

MarlinTrkProcessors: v01-05

     General:			 Added dependencies on KiTrack and KiTrackMarlin to MarlinTrkProcessors.
     Refitting:			 Added the TrackSubsetProcessor, to get the best subset from a redundant set of tracks. 
                     TruthTracker restructured to use new convenience methods from MarlinTrk to produce 
                     cannonical trackstates. The diagonal elements of the Initial error matrix can now be set individually.
                     Fixed r_comparison sort problem.

     SiliconTracking_MarlinTrk	 Use convenience functions for track fitting from MarlinTrk. Provide steering of initial covariance matrix,  				 
    & FullLDCTracking_MarlinTrk	 and max delta chi2 for adding hits. 
                     Removed the creation of relations for MC <-> Tracks.

     SpacePointBuilder:		 Corrected bias in position by using vertex constraint	

ForwardTracking: v01-04

      - ForwardTracking: As FTDTrack now only takes IFTDHit pointers, the passed arguments are changed
      - Added FTDBackgroundProcessor which adds salt and pepper background to the FTD TrackerHit collections
      - Erased the executables worker and worker_time as they were outdated
      - Added executable param_runner, to rerun Marlin several times while altering a steering parameter
      - Added executable param_runner_background a version of param_runner specialised for the FTDBackgroundProcessor
      - TrueTrackCritAnalyser:
         + no more fitting is done, tracks are assumed to be already fitted
         + chi2prob is now stored for the criteria branches as well
      - wrote overview for the doxygen
      - switched to new subset classes (SubsetHopfieldNN and SubsetSimple)
      - TrueTrackCritAnalyser:
         + added output of the distances of 2 hits in the tracks
         + renamed the cut steer parameters to start with Cut
         + added doxygen documentation
      - TrackingFeedback:
         + added new class RecoTrack and reworked TrueTrack as well
            (now every true track gets a TrueTrack object and every reconstructed track gets a RecoTrack object.
            In the checking they are then linked: RecoTracks now their assigned TrueTracks and vice versa )
         + added output to a root file
         + renamed the cut steer parameters to start with Cut
         + added doxygen documentation
      - Added the folder rootscripts containing the root scripts I use to make graphs

Clupatra: v00-06

    - added new TrackSegmentMerger for merging split tracks

    - add ppointer to original track segments for
      merged curling tracks

    - added parameter SegmentCollectionName

    - added steering parameters TrackStartsInnerDist, TrackEndsOuterCentralDist,
      TrackEndsOuterForwardDist, TrackIsCurlerOmega  to define "incomplete" track segments

    - adapted pickupSiTracks to use strip hits for the SIT

    - fixed issue w/ split seed tracks (occured, e.g. if hit distance is larger than current
      cut in the loop for one hit pair ...)

    - made compatible with llvmgcc4.2 and clang

LCFIPlus: v00-04

    - lcfiplus processor should work with multiple instances
    - single track pseudo-vertex added
    - jet vertex refiner algorithm added
    - improved v0 rejection
    - new flavor tagging variables + various bug fixes
    - updated steering files

Garlic: v2.10


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