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Dear all,

a new developers release of ilcsoft (v01-17) is available.

The biggest changes are with the external tools Geant4.9.6p01 and root v5_35_05. In addition there is a new package available, namely the General Broken Lines (re-)fit package by Claus Kleinwort.

Please note: on SL5 64bit, (in most cases) there will be segfault caused by ROOT after the end of the Marlin job. Every file (including ROOT files) will be properly closed. Please ignore the error message.
This bug/feature is/was not seen in the SL6 release. A prescription how to circumvent this (if possible) will be attached as an answer to this thread.

Please refer to the Release notes below for more details on most changes.

Use the ilcinstall tool with the appropriate configuration files in order to install ilcsoft v01-17.

Reference installation in afs are available at:

/afs/ # SL5 64bit
/afs/ # SL6
No SL5/32bit version is provided; it will be created only on specific request.

Please report any problems and questions regarding this release in this forum.

Christoph, for the iLCSoft team.

Release Notes for v01-17:


Release notes from iLCSoft v01-17


New developers release of ilcsoft: v01-17

Please note: there is a seemingly unfixable bug in RooT; it causes a segfault at the end of a Marlin job. From the ilcsoft side everything is fine and properly finished.
Despite great effort no clear cause nor fix could be found; please report if you have a solution.


Changes in v01-17 w.r.t. iLCSoft v01-16-02


Updated versions of external tools

Geant4: 9.6.p01

RooT: v5-34-05

New package

The General Broken Lines packages by Claus Kleinwort is now installable by ilcsoft.

GBL: v01-15

Changed packages with interface changes

GEAR v01-03:
- F.Gaede: added test/testInteractionLengths
new example program to print interaction lengths as a function
of theta for different cylinders between the calorimeters
- updated incl. 1st layer of Ecal

- added example macros for DBD material plots:

- C.Rosemann: fixed many issues found by coverity
mostly unitialized member variables assignment operator and copy c'tor private
-> see Changelog for details

- M.Killenberg: wrote XML documentation for the VersatileDiskRowLayout
- improved the documentation of localToGlobal and globalToLocal in TPCModule
- speedup of TPCParametersImpl::getModule(), removed duplicate search in map
- getDistanceToPad called distanceToBox with wrong oder of arguments

- bug fixes:
- fixed error handling in stepping in ./src/geartgeo/
- two bug fixes for the RectangularPadRowLayout (M.Killenberg)
- fixed endless loop in case of rounding errors TPCParametersImpl/RectangularPadRowLayout
- two pi wrap around for coordinates in TPCModuleImpl (Bo Li)

CED v01-08:
New features (A. Miyamoto):

- Add "Auto shot" flag in Tools menu of glced.
When set, glced write a screen image to a file when new event is received from
CED client. The file is written in a directory where glced is executed with
a name, glced-N.tga, where N is a sequence number. If an environment variable,
CED_IMAGEFILE is set, output file name is ${CED_IMAGEFILE}-N.tga. Note that
a file could be written at any place by including a directory in ${CED_IMAGEFILE}.

A menu, Tools->Auto scale, can be used to select the scale of output image.

OpenGL linker path is not included in rpath of glced. Inclusion of
the OpenGL path caused a problem at run time when gcc used for OpenGL
is older than those used to build glced.

- Add 2 more CED_HIT_TYPE, CED_HIT_BOX and CED_HIT_VXD. Then will be used
to display pixel hits of FPCCD.

New feature (O. Volynets):

- Added shortcut ctrl+s for fast saving of screenshots in original size (i.e. without scaling)

MarlinReco v01-07:

- Manqi Ruan: added new clas G2D:
Include G2CD, a general digitizer for gaseous hadron calorimeter. It takes 1mm simulated Hcal hits as input,
and output digitized hits with tunable sell size. Efficiency and Multiplicity effects are also taken into
account, which can be adjusted in the steering file

- J.List: fixed BCalTagEfficiency:
adapted efficiency parametrisation for ECM=1TeV

- Katsushige Coterra: updated
for the Scintillator Strip Ecal reconstruction

MarlinUtil v01-06:
- Akiya Miyamoto:
implemented flags to turn On and Off geometry of EcalBarrel, EcalEndcap, HcalBarrel, HcalRing, HcalEndcap individually.

Mokka mokka-08-01:
A. Lucacci-Timoce: added new drivers for the test beam
Add drivers for TBCern2011WAHCAL model
S. Lu: added new physics list from GEANT4.9.6 to PhysicsListFactor

PathFinder v00-04:
- development by I. Heinze
- coverity bug fixes by Ch. Rosemann and corrections to this by O. Volynets

MarlinTPC v00-12:
- Bug fixes by K. Fujii, A. Muennich, I. Heinze, M. Killenberg, T. Krautscheid, Ch. Rosemann
- Added functionality by I. Heinze, A. Muennich, M. Killenberg, F. Gaede, Ch. Rosemann
- Severely updated versions of the RowBasedHitFinder and PulseFinder
- confer the logs for detailed information

LCTuple v01-02:
J. List: added some variables

Druid 2.2:
by Manqi Ruan

Changed packages with fixes without interface changes

KalTest v01-05-03
- bug fix provided by K.Fujii
that makes adjusting of the z0 for curlers in ThelicalTrack::MoveTo unnecessary

Coverity fixes

Fixes from the static code checker coverity caused a minor version update in the following packages; no interface changes.
Please refer to the specific commit logs for more information:

KalDet v01-11-01
LCCD v01-02-01
Marlin v01-04-01
MarlinTrk_version v01-10-02

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. (Sir A.C. Doyle in Sign of Four)
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