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Dear all,

a new developers release v01-17-08 is available.

It contains a lot of developments from the High Level Reconstruction Week at DESY and a number of improvements for the new DD4hep based simulation and reconstruction.

Please use the corresponding ilcinstall tag for installation:
https:// v01-17-08/?op=dl&isdir=1&rev=3197&peg=3197

A reference installation is available at

/afs/ # SL6 gcc 4.4

(cvmfs and other OS to follow).

There is also an ILDConfig release v01-17-08 that has steering files for running the simulation and reconstruction (both old and new) with this release: 17-08

For instructions see:

https:// /v01-17-08/StandardConfig/current/README

https:// /v01-17-08/StandardConfig/lcgeo_current/README

Please report problems and questions related to this release in this thread.

Frank, for the ilcsoft team.

#   iLCSoft release - v01-17-08

 This is a developers release that adds some functionality 
 to the recent v01-17-07 release.  

 In particluar there have been many new subpackages added
 to MarlinReco as a result of the 
 High Level Reconstruction Week held at DESY: 

 Also some important changes have been made to the
 'new' reconstruction code for DD4hep (lcgeo) based


 Changes in v01-17-08  w.r.t. iLCSoft v01-17-07

Introduced 1 new package:

 DDMarlinPandora v00-01
  N.Nikiforou, CERN

  - copy of MarlinPandora that replaces the geometry definition from GEAR
    with DD4hep/DDRec

  - staus: experiemental

Changed Packages:

MarlinReco  v01-13
   - renamed SimpleLHCalDigi to SimpleFCalDigi
   - deleted SimpleLCalDigi
   => old steering files need to be updated !!

  M. Berggren 
   - added  parameter FixLCalHits SimpleLHCalDigi in order to:
    - fix of the wrong xyz for hits in LCal. LCal CaloHits (collection LCAL) 
      are now within a few micron of their correct position. LCal SimCaloHits 
      (collection LumiCalCollection) still have the flawed xyz.

  - updated SimpleLHCalDigi to include functionality fromm SimpleLCalDigi
   -> can be used for all fwd calos

   - added new package:

  - new processor low momentum pi/mu separation:

  - new photon finder package: 
    - provides a 4-vector w/  mass-constrained fit (using MarlinKinfit  - new dependency )

  M Berggren
  - fixed links in RecoMCTruthLink/src/
  - full links in both directions (true->seen, seen->true) for PFOs, Tracks and Clusters.

 | v01-12 |   ( v01-17-07 contained v01-11 !)

   - added new Analysis/IsolatedLeptonTagging
      MVA based isolated lepton finder

    - fixes for Analysis/FourMomentumCovMat
       - printout and read-only exception

  - update PIDTools for several kinds of likelihood calculation

   - added Analysis/VertexChargeRecovery

   - Analysis/TauFinder added


  - added copy of ClusterShapes from MarlinUtil 
    -> use "include "ClusterShapesMR.hh"
       and marlinreco::ClusterShapes
  - applied to
  - eventuall changes should be merged back to MarlinUtil
  - fixed warning  -Wc++11-narrowing in TPCDigitizer

DD4hep  v00-14

   - fixed writing of generator status for lcio::MCParticle
     in Geant4Output2LCIO.cpp

   - Add missing scope to /DD4hep/Factories.h, to not force everyone to use using namespace

  F.Gaede: 2015-07-15
   - changed type in SurfaceList and SurfaceMap from Surface to ISurface
   - added methods length_along_u/v() to ISurface
   - moved setting of CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS (if DD4HEP_USE_CXX11) from DD4hep.cmake to CMakeLists.txt
  2015-07-11 M.Frank
    -  added starter docs DD4hepStartersGuide.pdf
  *** Important ***
    Before updating, backup your existing and working checkout. Though I was running 
    the basic tests, there may be unchecked corners of the software.
    - Backwards compatibility mode for the usage of ROOT 5 and ROOT 6 alternatively.
    - For ROOT 6 the Gaudi PluginService is used and added to the distribution.
    - DD4hep is distributed with a licence. See $DD4hepINSTALL/LICENSE for details.
    - In the doc area the $DD4hepINSTALL/doc/CREDITS file everybode should add her/his 
      name, if contributed significantly.
    - Unfortunately this meant to add/change the headers of all files and give a 
      pointer to the licence file. If I accidentally changed the author name, please
      chagne it back.
    - The plugin factory declaration statements were changed to accomodate both
      ROOT 5 and ROOT 6 and to keep the number of 'ifdef' statements at a minimum.
    - TODO: Properly change the cmake scripts to accomodate for ROOT 6 and the 
      automatic switch when building DD4hep. 
      For reference reasons: this commits is revision 1812 + 1813 (DDDetectors)

  | v00-13 |   ( v01-17-07 contained v00-12 )  

   2015/07/02 Nikiforos Nikiforou
       - Added isRadiator() helper function in DDCore/XML/XMLDetector.h/cpp 
         Mirroring functionality of isSensitive() and used in geometry drivers
         e.g. to calculate total absorber thickness
       - Extended LayeredCalorimeterStruct in DDRec/DetectorData.h to include 
         additional parameters required by Pandora:
         	      inner_phi0 (e.g. alignment for inner symmetry)
      	      outer_phi0 (e.g  aligment for outer symmetry)
      	      NOTE: phi0 still remains but is deprecated
      	      gap0 (e.g stave gap along r-phi)  
      	      gap1 (e.g middle stave gap along z)
      	      gap2 (reserved for future use)
    2015-06-29 A.Sailer
     - always store lcio collections, even if they are empty in Geant4Output2LCIO (DDG4/ddsim)
   2015-06-29 F.Gaede
     - changed env scripts to prepend to library pathes (DD4hep and dependant packages)
        -> using a newer lcgeo version than the one provided in ilcsoft can simply
           be done w/ source ./bin/ 

DD4hepExamples  v00-14

   - no changes wrt. v00-12

lcgeo  v00-05

   N. Nikiforou
   - Added TrackerEndcap_o1_v02_geo.cpp (svn cp'd from TrackerEndcap_o1_v01_geo.cpp) which supports
     ILD ID encoding and implements ring modules. Elements (enumerated as "sensors") in one ring
     (constant R) have the same "module" number but different sensor number.
     Also modified the CLIC_o2_v02 model compact (InnerTracker_o2_v01_01.xml
     and OuterTracker_o2_v01_01.xml) to use the new driver. Also now implements the "side" bitfield
     side=0 is positive, side=1 is negative.
   - Introduced new driver VertexEndcap_o1_v02 and necessary changes to compact file for CLIC_o2_v02.
     The new xml also implements double layers in the endcap but with each layer having its own ID.
     Also, in the new VertexEndcap driver similar changes as above VertexEndcap.

   - updated Ecal and Hcal in Share_ILD_o1_CLIC

   - fixed DetectorData structure for several drivers
     ( as needed for drawing the detector w/ DD4hep in CED )

   M. Petric
   - added CLIC_o2_v02 model w/ simplified Ecal barrel
     ECalBarrel_o2_v01_01.xml in order to set correct W thicknesses


   - added TPCSDAction.cpp
     - ported from Mokka/
   - introduces Geant4 dependency
      -> to be addressed ...
   - activated in TPC10_geo.cpp
     -> hits should be exactly on pad row centers ...

   - updated :
      - use Geant4ScintillatorCalorimeterAction
        as defaults for all calorimeters
      - use TPCSDAction for TPC

     - Implemented FieldMapBrBz.cpp, based on the 2D Fieldmap of Mokka FieldX03
     - Example XML for the fields section of the compact XML

            <field name="DetectorMap" type="FieldBrBz"
               rScale = "1.0"
               zScale = "1.0"
               bScale = "1.0"
               rhoMin = "5*mm"
               zMin = "5*mm"
               rhoMax = "7005*mm"
               zMax = "7005*mm"
               nRho = "701"
               nZ = "701"

     - added ./fieldmaps/ILDMap_KB_20150204_BRhoZ.root 
       latest field simulation for ILD by K.Buesser

     - requires BOOST

   N. Nikiforou
     - added  EcalBarrelFace_v00.xml/EcalEndcapFace_v00.xml to CLIC_o2_v01
     - Enabled detailed shower mode for calorimeters by default in

     - added PolyhedralBarrelSurfaces_geo.cpp/PolyhedralBarrelSurfaces_geo.cpp
     - to be used for track states at the calorimeters
     - added as EcalBarrelFace_v00.xml/EcalEndcapFace_v00.xml to ILD_o1_v05

DDKalTest  v00-02

   - changed to just use abstract ISurface and ICylinder

aidaTT  v00-02
      - fixed major memory leak in Vector5 and fiveByFiveMatrix 
        ( unneeded alloc in assignment operator)

      - made c'tors and accessors in Vector5 and fiveByFiveMatrix 
        more efficient by removing unneeded range checks and

      -  adding test for functions calculateCurvature & calculateLambda
      -  correcting transformation from perigee to L3

MarlinTrk  v02-00-01

  - made createTrackStateAtCaloFace() work for DD4hep 
     (and old Mokka/Gear ) based tracking

MarlinTrkProcessors  v02-01

   - updated Refitting/src/
     - extrapolation also in endcap subdetectors + CA selecting longest (nhits) tracks

  - handle empty collections gracefully ( for lcgeo/ddsim ) 
    in Digitisers/src/

  - use abstract ISurface

Clupatra  v00-12

   - added parameters CaloFaceBarrelID/CaloFaceEndcapID
      to ClupatraProcessor ( needed for lcgeo based simulations )
      default value for both : ILDDetID::Ecal
    - adopted LCIOTrackConverter to use these paramters

KiTrackMarlin  v01-07
    - added workaround to Tools/ for getting the correct system ID 
      of the calorimeter face (barrel and endcap)  if run w/ lcgeo output  ( F.Gaede )
    -> depends now on DD4hep

MarlinUtil  v01-10
    - added helper function in CHT 
      CHT::CaloType caloTypeFromString(const std::string& name) 

    - fixes in MarlinCED 
      - fixed warning -Wc++11-narrowing
      - draw inner and outer edge of FTD disks in wireframe

Marlin  v01-07
     - introduced global flag: AllowToModifyEvent
       allowing to modify LCIO collections that have
       been read from an input file in the processEvent()

CEDViewer  v01-10

   T.Quast, RWTH Aachen

    - add DrawDetectorDD4hep
    - general detector (CLIC & ILD) drawing for the event display without GEAR
    - adapted ced2go to transparently use DD4hep if a compact file is given
      with -d instead of a Gear file
    - add option to ced2go to draw tracking surfaces from DDRec (-s)

    => depends now on DD4hep/Root

  - M.Petric:
     - updated ced2go template files for new CLIC simulation model

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