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Dear all,

a new iLCSoft developers release v01-19-01 is available.

Please note that this release requires at least gcc4.9

Please use the corresponding ilcinstall tag for installation:

svn co

Reference installations are available at

/afs/ # SL6 gcc 4.9
/cvmfs/ # SL6 gcc 4.9

There is also an ILDConfig release v01-19-01 that has steering files for running the new simulation and reconstruction for ILD with this release:

svn co

For instructions see:
https:// /v01-19-01/StandardConfig/lcgeo_current/

Please report problems and questions related to this release in this thread.

Frank, for the ilcsoft team.

#   iLCSoft release - v01-19-01

This is the first update to the new  developers release series v01-19-xx
that exclusively works with  the new DD4hep based software packages only.

It requires a compiler compatible with c++11 (e.g. gcc49 or higher )
such that c++11 features can be used from now on.


# Changes in v01-19  w.r.t. iLCSoft v01-19-01

## MarlinReco v0-17

S. Lukic
  - Adding SiPID package to MarlinReco.
    For the moment it contains the processor which calculates dE/dx for
    a silicon tracker and writes it to the lcio file.
    Primarily intended for CLICdet but generally applicable.
    DD4hep is used to access geometry.
    CMakeLists.txt in MarlinReco was adjusted. The package is added only
    if DD4hep and MarlinTrk are found.

  - fix in TruthVertexFinder

D. Jeans
  - copy calodigi documentation into Realistic package (+ a few changes to help latex compile)

S. Lu
  - comment out 'ADD_MARLINRECO_PKG( ./Clustering/BCalReco)' for solving
    '*** Break *** segmentation violation' at the end of Marlin run.
    ToDo: To ckeck which ilcsoft package use the same resource (maybe root resource).

## lcgeo v00-10

Shaojun Lu 2017-01-16
  - Added tube_defs.xml for ILD_s1_v01.

Frank Gaede 2017-01-16 
  - activate TPC_endplate_mix that was used before

Daniel Jeans 2017-01-16 
  - tidy up for new beampipe changes
  - fix lumical overlaps (internal + with beamtube)
  - fix overlaps between rewritten beamipe and ftd
  - fix vtx/beampipe overlaps
  - update beam pipe description

Frank Gaede 2017-01-12 
  - fix TPC cathode volumes (include in cathodeLog)

Shaojun Lu 2017-01-12 
  -  Included 'detector_types.xml' and added missed parameters 'tracker_region_rmax' and 'tracker_region_zmax' for reconstruction.

Shaojun Lu 2017-01-11 
  -  define Yoke relative to Hcal and Coil.

Frank Gaede 2017-01-05 
  - update version and release notes for v00-10

Daniel Jeans 2016-12-26 
  - define yoke barrel size with respect to outer radius of coil
  - tidy up ILD_?1_v01 compact description. Move all common definitions to ILD_common_v01. Keep only top-level steering file and mode-specific definitions in ILD_l1 and ILD_s1 directories. move unused files to extra_stuff directory.

simoniel 2016-12-15 
  - map cellid of surf <--> vector of cellid of neighbouring surf on the same layer (new NeighbourSurfacesStruct) filled in drivers currently used by CLIC

simoniel 2016-12-09 
  - fill of neighboring surfaces map done also for CLIC_o2_v04_p1 drivers and Vertex drivers in use
  - Depence from LCIO re-introduced. Compute neighbours of every surface and fill map of cellID of surface <--> vector of cellID of neighbouring surfaces for zPlanar and zPetalDisk data struct.

Shaojun Lu 2016-12-16 
  -  Updated Yoke05 parameters in compact XML files.
  -  Replaced old parameter 'Hcal_endcap_zmin' with the updated new naming convention parameter 'HcalEndcap_min_z'.

Andre Sailer 2016-12-16 
  - Declare Beampipe, Mask, and Solenoid driver deprecated, copied to DD4hep

Andre Sailer 2016-12-15 
  - Add badge to README, fix typos, modify readme for github
  - Add Travis Configuration

Frank Gaede 2016-12-15 
  - link ${Geant4_LIBRARIES} to TestSensThickness

Shaojun Lu 2016-12-15 
  -  Added a new parameter Coil_Yoke_gap and value 249.0*mm, to scale 'Yoke_barrel_inner_radius' following 'Coil_outer_radius'.

Frank Gaede 2016-12-13 
  - link ROOT libraries to TestSensThickness

Andre Sailer 2016-12-06 
  - Add tests to check that sensitiveThickess is correctly set for the different drivers used in latest clic models
  - set thicknessSensitive for VertexEndcap_o1_v[456] datastructs
  - set thicknessSensitive for TrackerEndcap_o2 datastructs

Marko Petric 2016-12-06 
  - Add comment to TrackerBarrel_o1_v03 and TrackerBarrel_o1_v04 to explain the difference

Daniel Jeans 2016-12-06 
  - enabled service drivers in ILD_l1 and ILD_s1 models

Marko Petric 2016-12-05 
  - Add correct version number

Marko Petric 2016-12-02 
  - Revert the Vertex endcap geometry back to previous one and use new one in the new model
  - Add new model for the updated material budget of the tracker
  - Inherit compiler flags form DD4hep so that TLS is inherited and drop ROOT5

Marko Petric 2016-11-30 
  - Update design to use the new driver
  - Updated vertex endcap design with corrected airflow

Frank Gaede 2016-11-30 
  -  - update release notes and version for v00-09-01

Daniel Jeans 2016-11-30 
  - bug fixes (character to int conversion; strip layer configuration)

Andre Sailer 2016-11-28 
  - Add sensitive thickness to DataStructs for TrackerEndcap drivers

Bogdan Pawlik 2016-11-24 
  -  updated LumiCal for ILD_s1_v01
  -  store layer phi stagger in LayeredCalorimeterData

Shaojun Lu 2016-11-24 
  -  - follow the DD4hep update of DDRec::LayeredCalorimeterData::Layer  - remove usage of DDRec::LayeredCalorimeterData::Layer.thickness    - replace where needed with inner/outer_thickness

Dan Protopopescu 2016-11-23 
  - Files from Amanda
  - Updates by Ross
  - GitHub copy updated by Ross Gordon McCoy

Shaojun Lu 2016-11-23 
  -  Fix the missing 'EcalEndcapParameters', which is needed in Marlin reconstruction. And the 'layoutType' of 'DDRec::LayeredCalorimeterData' will be used by 'convertToGear' to create the correct layout type 'Endcap' for EcalEndcap.

Marko Petric 2016-11-23 
  - Unify ReadoutID with the same schema as in o2_v04_p1

Marko Petric 2016-11-22 
  - Make if forward compatible with CLIC_o3_v07
  - The new pached CLIC_o2_v04 with patched readouts
  - Add tracker version for patch
  - Remove obsolete tracker models
  - Make a patch to CLIC_o2_v04

Daniel Jeans 2016-11-22 
  - fix offset of magic megatiles to give consisent cell indices
  - added forgotten xml files to svn...

Andre Sailer 2016-11-21 
  - SHcalSc04_Barrel_v01: add DetElements for staves, needed for reconstruction

Daniel Jeans 2016-11-21 
  - bug fix (identified by overlap check)

Shaojun Lu 2016-11-21 
  -  Fix the 'SEcal05_Helpers' to follow the update in  the 'DD4hep::DDRec::LayeredCalorimeterStruct::Layer' by removing thickness.
  - remove ECAL preshower layer (barrel&endcap) from ILD_l1_v01 and ILD_s1_v01 models
  - use SEcal05 model for ILD_o3_v05 (scECAL)
  - update ILD_l1_v01 and ILD_s1_v01 to use new SEcal05 driver
  - remove SEcal04Hybrid* (second try...)

Daniel Jeans 2016-11-18 
  - removed SEcal04Hybrid (not compatible with updated Megatile segmentation class); added new SEcal05* drivers

Dan Protopopescu 2016-11-17 
  - Included end plate, air gaps, and ajusted total layer thickness to 19mm

Shaojun Lu 2016-11-17 
  -  Updated 'CaloPrototype_v01.cpp' to be a more generic driver.

Daniel Jeans 2016-11-17 
  - remove new SEcal05 drivers until new segmentation class is available
  - new SEcal05 drivers

Bogdan Pawlik 2016-11-15 
  -  printout modification
  -  Set non-zero phi-offset to fix improper number of phi sectors reported by ddsim, 49 instead of 48

Shaojun Lu 2016-11-15 
  -  Clean up the unused variable 'motherVol'. When DD4hep/lcgeo moved to 'mandatory envelope volume', each sub-detector has been placed into 'envelope' volume. The envelope has been implemented into 'DD4hep/DDCore/src/XML/Utilities.cpp', and placed into the 'mother' volume (world volume) there.
  -  We do not need this user defined envelope shape. The envelope has been implemented into 'DD4hep/DDCore/src/XML/Utilities.cpp'
  -  fix warning unused variable, and commented out the lines. If the users have further implementation with the unused variable, the lines could be used again.
  -  fix warning: declaration of 'RailSeparation' shadows a member of 'this'.
  -  fix many warning for shadowed declaration, and comment out or remove unused variable.
  -  fix warning for shadowed declaration, and remove unused variable.

Aidan Robson 2016-11-14 
  - systemID must be 29 (defined by UTIL::ILDDetID) in CaloFaceEndcapSurfacePlugIn for MarlinTrk extrapolation to calo surface to work.  Not the same as detector id.

Andre Sailer 2016-11-14 
  - CLIC_o3_v07,  LumiCal: Correct segmentation to start first bin at phi=0, not have phi=0 be the center of the 'first' bin which causes problems at phi=+/-pi

## DD4hep

Frank Gaede 2017-01-13 
  - fix computation of radiation and interaction lengths
  - require the density to be specified in the materials xml file
Frank Gaede 2017-01-04 
  - adopt numbers in to elements.xml
  - use elements.xml generated with plugin in DDTest
  -  add ROOT version to dumped element table

Frank Gaede 2016-12-22 
   - fix test_surfaces by adapting to elements.xml
   - fix test_units by including elements.xml
 Markus Frank 2016-12-21 
   - Add plugin to dump the default ROOT element table
 Markus Frank 2016-12-20 
   - Remove obsolete build flags
 Markus Frank 2016-12-19 
   - Add Multi-threading conditions example
 Andre Sailer 2016-12-16 
   - Add drivers for Beampipe, Mask and Solenoid from lcgeo, changed name to DD4hep_*
 Rosa Simonielo, Frank Gaede 2016-12-15 
   - add new struct DDRec::NeighbourSurfacesStruct defined for neighbouring surfaces
 Frank Gaede 2016-12-14 
   - fix library pathes in env scripts for macos
   - use DD4HEP_LIBRARY_PATH and full lib path on mac
   - apply rpath compiler settings to GaudiPluginService
   - make compatible w/ Geant4 10.3
 Marko Petric 2016-12-13 
   - Fix compiler flag handling
 Daniel Jeans 2016-12-08 
   - add utility graphicalMaterialScan
 Markus Frank 2016-12-07 
   - Fix compiler error on MacOSX gcc 4.9
 Marko Petric 2016-12-07 
   - Remove few tests from Travis
   - Remove the dynamic lookup on runtime for libs on mac
 Markus Frank 2016-12-05 
   - First version of conditions and alignments
 Andre Sailer 2016-12-06 
   - DDTest: fix location to install DDtest header files
   - Remove minimum required cmake version from DD4hepBuild, this interferes with other packages depending on DD4hep
 Marko Petric 2016-12-02 
   - Fix missing CLHEP in
   - Clean up FindPYTHON.cmake file
   - Change gaudi auto_ptr to unique_ptr since the auto is deprecated
   - Fix initAClick
 Marko Petric 2016-11-29 
   - Fix rpath issues on mac with python
   - Add custom DynamicPath on mac when loading python libs
   - Add function to set the DD4HEP_LIBRARY_PATH
 Marko Petric 2016-11-28 
   - Update all minimum CMake versions
   - Fix gitlab builds
   - Rename MakeRootMap to MakeGaudiMap for consistency
   - Remove ROOT5 things and make approprite fixed to the usage of ROOTConfig.cmake
   - Remove FindROOT.cmake and use from now on ROOTConfig.cmake
 Markus Frank 2016-11-30 
   - New version of conditions handling
 Andre Sailer 2016-11-25 
   - Fix ProductionCut conversion in Geant4Converter.cpp: cut is a range
 Markus Frank 2016-11-24 
   - Fix linker errors on MAC
   - Remove compiler warnings on MACOSX
   - First fixes to version of alignment constant processing also remove where visited the $ statements in the files.
     They are useless, since git does not support them. Fixed some tests, which no longer properly worked in
     the conditions area.
   - First usable version of alignment constant processing
 Markus Frank 2016-11-16 
   - Try to improve efficiency using C++11 default operations
 Markus Frank 2016-11-10 
   - Simplify opaque data mappings for conditions

## PandoraPFANew  v03-01-02

 for details and release notes see:

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