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Minutes of Meeting 2004-05-17 [message #97 is a reply to message #96] Tue, 25 May 2004 23:15 Go to previous messageGo to previous message
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9:06 AM 5/17/2004
Frank Gaede, Ties Behnke, Harald Vogt, Tony Johnson, Ron Cassell, Norman Graf

HV: fortran reconstruction package has been implemented. See note on LC forum.

TJ: has made good progress on java reconstruction code.
starting from existing LCD fastmc, to at least create smeared tracks,
and clusters. Was sidetracked by development of the event display, which
was necessary to be able to debug the reconstructed objects.
will release code to cvs hopefully today.

RC: has looked at modifications made by FG to the MC status, but has not
implemented code yet. Was sidetracked by bug in cvs head. Now fixed.

FG: cvs head version of lcio doesn't build also due to new java virtual
methods being introduced but not implemented. will try to do so
by tomorrow.

TJ: new version of lcio plugin for jas working with wired event display.
uses hit positions from track and cal hits, but not useful without
some idea of where detector is.
using heprep for wireframe skeleton, and using magnetic field to swim
heprep file is quite simple at this point. Default is SDJan03,
Volunteer to help implement other detector geometries until we devise
a way to automatically create these from the geometry system.
FG: created heprep file from Mokka for hcal prototype. for the full tesla
detector, this was 50MB, causing out-of-memory problem in JAS3.
TJ: will probably not want to use the default G4 heprep output. can also
reset default java memory allocation to a higher value.
FG: would be nice to have some way to turn off parts of the heirarchy.
e.g. load detailed G4 heprep, then turn off various items.
TJ: wired4 has a save-as feature, not sure whether this writes everything
or just the visible items.
FG: Mokka has hard-coded drivers with visualization, etc. so painful to change.
TJ: should be possible to turn off visibility within G4. will send
suggestions to local wired/g4 team.
FG: has hardcoded visibility attributes in G4, elements with visibility set
to false don't show up in the heprep file, so this might be possible from
within geant4 using interactive visualization commands.
TJ: picking doesn't seem to work yet, will follow up.
can use both wired3 and wired4 plugins to compare functionality.
TJ: lcio plugin produces hepreps (if wired plugin is available), which are
then used by the wired plugin to display.

TJ: track parameters need discussing. lcio proposal is different from old lcd
lcd: d0 (xy impact parameter)
omega (signed 1/radius of curvature)
s (tan lambda)

lcio proposal seems to differ even from what we thought it was.

FG: presented proposal at ECFA meeting, but got no feedback. Maybe no one is
paying attention?
NG: should review these parameters and decide what we want.
this proposal is beta, so we should not hesitate to fix this.
TB: tan lambda and 1/pt or curvature should be used.
TJ: some other points: need to get number of degrees of freedom.
reference point is origin, in lcio reference point is explicit.
would like to provide the user with a common reference point, so they
get a commensurate set.
FG: should we have a boolean flag to indicate whether reference point is the pca?
TJ: getType has a bunch of known track types. Would like to either add a few more
or generalize this.
FG: should we use generic strings as was proposed for collections?
NG: Use a DetectorManager class to handle this, using name to discover
the types of collections, detectors, and types of hits in detectors.
FG: will look through code to find where integer constants are being used

TJ: has rearranged the meeting minutes to sit under a common thread in the forum
making them easier to find and follow.
would be more open to post not only the minutes, but also the proposed agendas
and meeting times.

FG: has been discussing with TB how timing is being saved in simcalorimeterhit.
for every simcalhit, time was being stored individually for each MCparticle
type contribution.
TB: MOkka has data saved by pdg type, not each distinct mcparticle
NG: this is somewhat odd, since one would only get one time for all photons
or neutrons, for example, when what one presumably really wants is the
time of deposition from the original, shower-inducing mcparticle.
FG: has updated mokka to store cal information by original mcparticle, but also
can store every secondary deposition as well for detailed depositions by pdg type.
NG: This should only be used for really detailed studies of shower evolution.
Code documentation should note that use of this should be restricted.
FG: CALICE group has also asked for timing information to be added to Cal Hit.
NG: had also come across this missing functionality.

Action items agreed upon:
- use LCD track parameters, i.e. d0, z0, phi, omega, tan lambda
- add getNDF() and isReferencePointPCA() to Track
- add getTime() to CalorimeterHit

Meet again next week, Wednesday, May 26.
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