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Dear all,

a new release of ilcsoft (v01-12) is available.

This is a development release with many new features, targeted at bringing the software into shape for the DBD mass production.
It is based on the new LCIO v2 (v02-00) that provides multiple track states and special 1D and 2D TrackerHits and a new version of Gear with extensions needed for the new C++ tracking code.

Please refer to the Release notes below for details.

Use this link to download the ilcinstall tool with the appropriate configuration files in order to install ilcsoft v01-12.

Adapt the files ./releases/v01-12/release-scratch.cfg and ./releases/v01-12/ to install the complete release from scratch at your site (more infos here).

Reference installations in afs are available at:
/afs/   # SL4 32bit
/afs/   # SL5 32bit
/afs/ # SL5 64bit

Please report any problems and questions regarding this release in this forum.

The iLCSoft team.

Release Notes for v01-12

#   iLCSoft release - v01-12

afs reference installations - starting from  release v01-09:


with subdirectories for different CPUs, operating systems and gcc versions.e.g:

 i386_gcc34_sl4        # i386 CPU, 32 bit, gcc3.4, SL4 and compatible
 i386_gcc41_sl5        # i386 CPU, 32 bit, gcc4.1, SL5 and compatible
 x86_64_gcc41_sl5      # i686 CPU, 64 bit, gcc4.1, SL5 and compatible

NOTE: if you haven't upgraded your system to SL5 yet, please do it as soon as possible.
      Support for SL4 systems will be deprecated after this release!


 New packages in iLCSoft added in v01-12



    New tracking package for Marlin, using LCIO, GEAR and KalTest and KalDet.
    Defines an abstract interface for pattern recognition and track fitting.
    The current implementation of the fitter is done with KalTest and KalDet.


    MarlinFastJet is a small wrapper around the FastJet library for Jet Finding.
    It has access to a many of the Infrared and Collinear Safe jet finding algorithms like kt_algorithm, anti_kt_algorithm and SISCone.         

 MarlinKinfit (standalone):

    Kinematic fitting library for Marlin.


 Updated versions of external tools 


 ROOT: 5.28.00f

 GSL: 1.14

 CMake: 2.8.5

Release notes of packages that have been changed 

 LCIO : v02-00

    - added multiple trackstates for Track

        - Original functions getX() of Track will return: trk.getTrackStates()[0].getX()

        - TrackState::getLocation() returns one of the predefined locations:
            AtOther = 0 ; // any location other than the ones defined below
            AtIP = 1 ;
            AtFirstHit = 2 ;
            AtLastHit = 3 ;
            AtCalorimeter = 4 ;
            AtVertex = 5 ;
            LastLocation = AtVertex  ;

        - TrackState* getTrackState(int location)
            returns the trackstate at the given location, where location is given by one
            of the predefined locations specified above

        - TrackState* getClosestTrackState(float x, float y, float z)
            returns the trackstate closest to the given location

        - getTrackState( TrackState::AtFirstHit )->getReferencePoint()
        - getTrackState( TrackState::AtLastHit )->getReferencePoint()

        - deprecated isReferecePointPCA()

    - added TrackerHitPlane and TrackerHitZCylinder for extending the TrackerHit interface

    - added BitField64::reset()

    - added constructor in CellIDDecoder which takes a string argument for the encoding

    - added some useful definitions that are used in the ILD software framework
        - in particular for encoding and decoding cellIDs.

    - add spin and color flow information to MCParticle if available in stdhep file (LCStdHepRdr)

    - clarified use of addMCParticleContribution
        - now two method signatures for standard mode and 'detailed' mode
        - no excpetion is thrown if stepPos==Null in detailed mode - use (0.,0.,0.) instead

    - new tests added:

        - added some tests for the canonical ILD CellIDEncoding (under test_trackerhit)
        - added tests for TrackerHitPlane and TrackerHitZCylinder classes
        - added tests for the TrackState class
        - added a test for LCRTRelations (extensions)

    - bug fixes:

        - added printout of ndf for tracks
        - added printout of Cluster EnergyError
        - added printout of TrackerHit and SimTrackerHit cellid's in LCIO_LONG operators
        - fixed strict aliasing warning for RTRelations in gcc when compiled with -O3 (Release mode)
        - fixed constness of member functions (LCTime)
        - applied fortran patches for gcc4.4 on ubuntu 32bit (Phillip Klenze, MPI)
        - removed generation of cpp headers in build.xml (from ant aid.generate target)
        - removed duplicate FindJAVA.cmake module
        - fixed path to MacroCheckPackageLibs.cmake and MacroCheckPackageVersion.cmake in LCIOConfig.cmake

    - changes (already pre-released in v01-60 )

     - implemented new methods:

              LCReader::readRunHeader(int runNumber )

          -  C++ only:
             (anajob now prints number of runs and events in the files it is going to read)

     - added access mode to
         LCReader::readRunHeader(int runNumber, int accessMode )
         LCReader::readEvent(int runNumber, int evtNumber, int accessMode )

     - added example for creating a simple NTuple from MCParticle collection
       (  ./examples/cpp/rootDict/writeNTuple.C )

    - added spin and color flow information to MCParticle:

        float[3] getSpin()
        int[2] getColorFlow()

        void setSpin( float[3] )
        void setColorFlow( int[2] )

    - added cellID0 and cellID1 to TrackerHit and SimTrackerHit:

        int getCellID0()
        int getCellID1()

        void setCellID0( int )
        void setCellID1( int )

        * in SimTrackerHit the methods get/setCellID() were deprecated
            these methods now call get/setCellID0()

    - added optional storing of the position where the energy deposition (step) occurred in SimCalorimeterHit
        only if bit flag LCIO.CHBIT_STEP is set

        float[3] getStepPosition( int i )

        * LCIO.CHBIT_PDG was deprecated
            should now use LCIO.CHBIT_STEP

    - added get/setEnergyError to Cluster (c++/java/fortran)

    - added ostream operators (H. Hoelbe)

    - added example for creating a simple NTuple from MCParticle collection (examples/cpp/rootDict/writeNTuple.C)

    - added new methods (C++ only):
        LCReader::readRunHeader(int runNumber )

    - added tool lcio_event_counter for counting events in slcio / stdhep files

    - anajob now prints number of runs and events in the files it is going to read

    - removed old makefiles used by ant.cpp

    - improved CMakeLists.txt (compatible with ilcsoft v01-11)
        - reduced build time of lcioDict library to 50%

    - bug fixes:
        fix printout of TrackerHit (last element of cov matrix was missing(wrong))
        fixed typo in CalorimeterHit documentation (CHBIT should be RCHBIT)
        some protections against NULL pointers (A.Sailer)
        added missing fortran wrappers from cfortran.h for CalorimeterHit ( CPPFORT/lccah.h )
        fixed several issues found by coverity (
        fixed bug with unsorted indices for direct access (java) - to be reviewed

 GEAR : v01-00

    - Added and FTDLayerLayout  by J. Duarte Campderros, IFCA

     - renamed VXDParameters and VXDLayerLayout to ZPlanarParameters and ZPlanarLayerLayout
       which can also be used for SIT and SET

        - changes should be backward compatible through typedefs

     - added get/setSITParameters()  and get/setSETParameters() to GearMgr

     - added simple material description to Gear

        - allowd to have materials of the form
             SimpleMaterial( name , A , Z, density, radLength, intLength )
          stored in the GearMgr

        - materials are referenced via their names (stored in user parameters)

     - added constructors for double[3] and float[3] to Vector3D
       - could be used with LCIO classes, e.g.:
            gear::Vector3D pos( hit->getPosition() ) ;

     - added src/test/   (simple copy of xml files through GearXML)

 Marlin : v01-01

    - Added dynamic command line options (see example by calling Marlin -h)

    - Added checking of duplicate processor entries in the steering file

    Bug fixes:
        - skip linking of lcio libraries through lccd (cause warning on mac osx)
        - examples/mymarlin/src/ protected against non-existing collections
        - made gcc 4.4.3 compliant
        - removed compiler warnings

 KalTest : v01-02

    - introduced bounded planes (D.Kamai)

    - examples provided in hybrid example to demonstrate use of bounded planes in VXD and FTD 
    - added extra Transport method to transport directly to a measurement layer and modified the 
      previous Transport to site method to use this method. No change in previous functionality, 
      only additional functionality added

 KalDet : v01-02

    - Updated for ILD detector reconstruction with KalTest and MarlinTrk

    - ILD detectors added in new ild directory.
        - VXD, TPC, FTD(both simple disk and petal based)
        - SIT is currently only a placeholder using simple planar design
    - common hit and plane classes added to ild/common subdirectory

    - uses UTIL/ILDConf.h from lcio for detector element encoding

    - Added ILDParallelPlanarMeasLayer for VXD and SIT, which has closed
      solution for calculating the crossing point of a helix.
      Constructor ensures that it is parallel by supplying only r and phi,
      which are used to calculate the normal and centre for planar surface.

 Mokka : mokka-07-07

    What is new in this Mokka release

      I. Improvements of the FTD driver

     II. The step position saving for the SDHcal

    III. Improvements of the AHCAL Barrel

     IV. Improvements of the TPC implementation

      V. Definition of three new detector models

     VI. Further improvements of Mokka implementation


    Please note that:

       This Mokka release co-works with Geant4 9.4 (and 9.4.patch01) and

       It was tested against GEAR v01-00 and LCIO v02-00, gcc 3.4.6 and 4.1.2, 
       SL4 and SL5.


     I. Improvements of the FTD driver

      Thanks to Jordi Duarte new improvements are available in the FTD driver:

      * Included the z-staggered design of the petals.

         - The driver is compatible with both designs (staggered and turbine-blade).
           The database is containing a new field in the "disks" table: 
           petal_support_zoffset which define the stagger distance in z for the
             Database ftd08 : z_offset=0.0, 
            petal_inclination_angle_support = 4.0 ---> turbine-blade design
             Database ftd09 : z_offset=1.5, 
            petal_inclination_angle_support  = 0.0----> staggered design,

           The FTD version for the new models (in the "ingredients" table) is the 
           SFtd10, but for optimization studies the SFtd09 subdetector ( 
           and ftd08, turbine-design) can be used.

      * Included the GEAR persistency using the new FTDParameter and FTDLayerLayout 

      * Fixed some geometric bugs (z-position of the sensor was not compatible 
        with the mechanical design)

      * Changed the FTD codification in the CGA/EncoderSi class and propagated the 
        change in the Tesla/TRKSD_FTD00 sensitive class.

    II. The step position saving for the SDHcal

        In ' Detailed Shower Mode ' (while using  the command   
        /Mokka/init/lcioDetailedShowerMode true ), the step position in the SDHcal 
        sensitive volume is written to the LCIO file, together with the secondary 

    III. Improvements of the AHCAL Barrel

        Thanks to Shaojun Lu, several improvements are available for the HCAL 

        1. Put absorber and cassette into one: 20mm
        2. Remove cassette box from deriver for Barrel layer: 0.5mm
        3. Added Hcal_fiber_gap back into Barel layer: 1.7mm
        4. Remove layer_support_length from driver for Barrel layer: 0mm
        5. Update driver for lateral_structure_thickness, it only in the middle 
           between the two modules: 15mm
        6. Remove lateral_structure_thickness between Barrel and electronics 
           service. There could not be steel wall between readout electronics 
           board and HBU electronics baord.
        7. BarrelChamberSupportTrap has been removed from both header and source 
        8. Barrel module has been place with rotation, to keep the "lateral 
           structure" in the middle for both module.
        9. Update chamber_z_offset from "0" to "-Hcal_lateral_plate_thickness/2.0".
       10. All the relative x/y/z length and shift has been updated with the updated
           modification and parameters.
       11. The I-coordinate calculation has been updated inside "". 
           Due to the rotation of Module inside ScHcalSc03, rotation for 
           I-coordinate has been updated too inside "".

     IV. Improvements of the TPC implementation

      Thanks to Steve Aplin several improvements are available for the TPC driver:

      - the material of the TPC cathode grip ring was changed to carbon, and 
      - its dimension in z was reduced from 30 mm to 15 mm.

     V. Definition of three new detector models

        Three new ILD models were created, which contain the FTD, TPC, AHcal above 
        mentionned improvements  and - one of the models - the SDHcal. 

        The three models are: 

        ILD_01_pre02      - AHCal  and  Si-Ecal
        ILD_01_SDH_pre00  - SDHCal and  Si-Ecal
        ILD_01_SciW_pre00 - AHCal  and  Scintillator-Ecal

    VI. Further improvements of Mokka implementation

        Thanks to Frank Gaede, we have changes in the Coil drivers' Gear 
        parameters and the rename of CellID to CellID1 for SimTrackerHit.

 MokkaDBConfig : v03-02

    includes latest dump of the Mokka database
        mokka-07-07-dbdump.sql.tgz (taken on 2011.09.23-15:00)

    added script to which allows to
        shutdown and startup database.

 CED : v01-03

   - New features (H. Hoelbe, DESY):
        * Save/Load settings option (saves zoom, background color, view position, etc in ~/.glced)
        * Detector components have now layers and layer description
        * Increased the number of available layers
        * Add side view projection (press 'S' to toggle)
        * Add front view projection (press 'F' to toggle)
        * Add perspectivical option (objects far away apairs smaller)
        * Its possible to toggle the visible of the axes (select it from the menu)
        * Show frames per secounds (select it from the menu)
        * Enhanced fisheye view by adding zoom levels when view mode toggles,
          or when switches to side, front or reset view

        * Add a new optional draw style for the detector, called "New view" includes:
            * Detector cuts: longitudinal (press and hold 'z' or 'Z')
              and transversal cuts (select it from the menu)
            * Its possible to change the value of the transparence (menu)
            * in 3d-view also added a line model for better identification
            * Inner edges can be different from outeredges, and the inner cylinder can be
              rotated with an other angle as the outer cylinder shape
            * Its possible to set a flag in GEO_Tube objects, so that they only
              get drawn in new view, see marlinCED.c for an example

   * Fixes/Intern stuff (H. Hoelbe, DESY):
        * Fixed mouse-wheel functionality for Ubuntu
        * Changed CED from a c to a c++ project
        * Change order of drawing items
        * Removed zoom level reset from side and front view
        * Update deepfilter and blend function

    - added OpenGL library paths to the rpath list for preventing LD_LIBRARY_PATH
        (set by geant4 env init script) to overwrite the opengl system libraries used
        in the linking of glced with the ones from Mesa (installed in afs), which might
        cause a dramatic performance penalty

 CEDViewer : v01-03

   -  added new TrackerRawViewer

       - displays raw data from LCTPC large prototype

       - needs CEDViewer to be build with MarlinTPC and LCCD
       - see example/viewTrackerRawData.xml and example/reconstructLCTPCRawData.xml

   - CEDViewer
      - added new steering parameters
        "DrawHelixForTrack" and "DrawDetectorID"

      - fixed display of ReconstructParticles (did not respect
    the marker flags - patch provided by T. Tanabe)

 MarlinUtil : v01-04

    New features:

        - MarlinCED:
            - added more subdetectors: FTD, LHCal, LCal, Coil, Yoke, SIT

            - changed detector colors to match the default colors used in Mokka

            - detector components have now layers and layer description

            - Cylinder: inner edges can be different from outeredges, and the inner
                cylinder can be rotated with an other angle as the outer cylinder shape

            - made compatible with CLIC (no LHCal and 11 FTD layers):
               LHCal is now optional and the FTD is drawn dynamically from gear....

         To use the new CED features use CED_GeoTube instead of CED_GeoCylinder.

        - header files now installed into subdirectory (marlinutil) to avoid name clashes
            still backwards compatible

        - moved classes FPCCDData and FPCCDPixelHit from MarlinReco
            to MarlinUtil to avoid dependency of Overlay on MarlinReco


        - MarlinCED:
            - old ced_hit_id is now deprecated (the old ced_hit_id used one int to store type and layer number).
                The new one have one argument more, (layer and type are now 2 fields)
            - Added try/catch blocks to prevent gear::UnknownParameterException, while accessing undefined detector components.
            - fixed drawGEARDetector
            - fixed length of VXD detector ( had used half size only !)
            - allow to toggle visibility of VXD
            - made compatible with new gear (used for ILD_01):
            - use optionally FTDParameters
            - use size of SIT arrays (will have to be changed to ZPlanarLayout)
            - optionally use new coil parameter names

 MarlinReco : v00-30

    - General
      - Enabled build without cernlib (option MARLINRECO_CERNLIB=off) - e.g. for macos-64bit
        sub packages (BrahmsTracking, Satoru, MarlinKinfit,...) that need cernlib will not be built
      - Removed cmake configuration files to avoid linking/compiling against MarlinReco

    - Analysis
      - Removed MarlinKinfit processor
      - RecoMCTruthLinker
        - Modification to allow Bremsstrahlung photons to be written to Skimmed list (off by default)

    - Tracking
      - Use ILDCellID0 from lcio Util
      - Removed deprecated setIsReferencePointPCA
      - New processor was added ( Daisuke Kamai )
        (FPCCDData and FPCCDPixelHit classes are in MarlinUtil )
      - TPCDigiProcessor
        - Changed exception to warning for the case of points with the same x-y coordinates being passed to getPadTheta and getPadPhi.
          Corrected the check function which was previously using float == float, to use fabs(float-float) < tolerance.
          In this case tolerance has been set to a tenth of a micron

 MarlinPandora : v00-06

    Fixed problem where minimum number of ftd hits obtained from xml steering file was assigned to wrong variable.
    Updated to account for new monitoring location and added ability to link against PandoraMonitoring library.
    Updated to use new pandora API for pfo extraction.
    Updated to reflect recent changes to pandora APIs, including typedef changes and use of CaloHitLists, rather than OrderedCaloHitLists.
    Removed PathLengthCalculator class, now unused (no longer need to specify path lengths from interaction point).
    Added new PandoraSettings files following addition of new PhotonReconstruction algorithm to Pandora fine granularity content library.
    Added xml files containing photon likelihood PDFs, for both one and nine bins of reconstructed cluster energy.
    Updated PandoraSettings files to use new functionality of soft cluster merging and isolated hit merging algorithms.
    Updated to handle "à la Videau" geometry more elegantly.

 PandoraPFANew : v00-07

    Moved PandoraMonitoring to PandoraPFANew repository and updated CMake and standalone makefiles accordingly.
    Addressed warnings produced when compiling without monitoring.
    Restructured pandora manager classes, separating common functionality into Manager base class.
    Separated common functionality of CaloHit and Track managers into InputObjectManager class.
    Separated common functionality of Cluster and Pfo managers into AlgorithmObjectManager class.
    Exposed CreateTemporaryListAndSetCurrent APIs to enable Cluster or Pfo creation without need for nested algorithms.
    Made GetPfoList API available to client applications.
    Added new PfoPreparation and PfoCreationParent algorithms.
    Updated VisualMonitoring algorithm to deal with multiple pfo lists.
    Modified CaloHit manager to allow for division/fragmentation and re-merging of CaloHits, including during reclustering operations.
    CaloHit availability monitoring updated and moved from CaloHit helper to CaloHit manager.
    CaloHit manager now saves CaloHitLists, rather than OrderedCaloHitLists; APIs now work with CaloHitLists, resulting in algorithm changes.
    Added new types of CaloHit: Rectangular CaloHit (existing type) and new Pointing CaloHit, with dimensions specified in delta(eta) and delta(phi).
    Implemented GetCellCorners and GetCellLengthScale functions for Rectangular and Pointing CaloHits.
    Updated file reader/writer classes following changes to CaloHits and interfaces.
    Added new PhotonReconstruction algorithm, for clustering and identification of photons before standard pandora reconstruction.
    Added implementation of multivariate/pid analysis for photon identification, supporting separate PDFs for bins of reconstructed cluster energy.
    Added ability to read/write pandora histograms from xml.
    Added new interface for use when calculating transverse shower profile. Function can return list of identified shower peaks.
    Renamed functions for calculation of longitudinal and transverse shower profiles. Calculations are accessible via ParticleIdHelper.
    Updated isolated hit merging algorithm and soft cluster merging algorithm to handle (neutral) clusters from multiple specified cluster lists.
    Added new algorithms: MergeSplitPhotons and BeamHaloMuonRemoval.
    Replaced efficiency monitoring algorithm (no longer maintained) with simple algorithm for evaluating efficiency of particle id for single particle samples.
    Added ECAL-only option to PerfectClustering algorithm.
    Changed behaviour of V0PfoCreation algorithm in case where predicted mass squared is negative.
    Added option to visual monitoring algorithm allowing use of new hit colour scheme, which uses continuous palette to reflect energy of hits.
    Altered behaviour of MCManager::GetMCParticleList function, returning success for case where no mc particles have been created.
    Removed unnecessary const qualifier from pointer returned by value in MCParticleHelper.
    Corrected update of inner and outer pseudolayers when calo hit is removed from a cluster.
    Removed possibility of deleting a cluster that is currently part of a pfo.

 PandoraAnalysis : v00-03

    Added new PandoraPFACalibrator processor, courtesy of A. Lucaci-Timoce.
    Added example steering file for PandoraPFACalibrator.
    Updated PandoraAnalysis example steering file.
    Updated to deal with missing trees more gracefully.
    Updated to deal with zombie root files more gracefully.
    Included <cstdlib> header to allow use of atoi and atof functions under gcc4.3 onwards.

 Overlay : v00-11

   - New processor (OverlayEvents) to merge a number of events in a LCIO file into one event.
   - First version of background overlay processor for FPCCD (FPCCDOverlayBX) (D.Kamai)
   - Added dependency to MarlinUtil (needed by FPCCOverlay )

 CondDBMySQL : ILC-0-9-5

    - bug fixes in MySqlTypes.h: (P. Klenze)

        - activated mysql reconnect option
        - fixed uninitialized variable theLog

 ilcinstall : v01-12

    new modules added:


    changes in modules:

        - fixed bug when configuring with gsl (LD_RUN_PATH needs to be set in order to link against the correct gsl libraries)
        - added MarlinUtil dependency to KalDet
        - : made cernlib optional
        - added optional dependency to LCCD and MarlinTPC
        - added cmake find support for MarlinTPC
        - added tests (ctest)
        - removed ant support
        - added dependency to MarlinReco

    general changes and bug fixes:

        - added to initialize environment for developers
            - any package can be configured by simply typing: cmake ..
            - the following order is used to find packages:

                1. CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH environment variable defined in
                    or by setting/exporting into current shell
                2. CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH cmake variable defined in ILCSoft.cmake
                    or using cmake's -D command line argument
                3. manually defined <PKG>_DIR variables using cmake's -D
                    command line argument

                1. has the lowest precedence and 3. the highest, i.e.
                    <PKG>_DIR variables override any previous
                    CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH variables.

                NOTE: This order of precedence only applies if variables are
                not already stored in CMakeCache.txt !! In order to clear the
                cache erase CMakeCache.txt or the build directory.

        - removed backwards compatibility for older CMakeModules

        - added logfile info in case of error (by P. Klenze)
        - added -dev and -exp suffixes to lookup versions in branches instead of tags
        - need to unset MARLIN_DLL for running tests (MARLIN_DLL could otherwise include a plugin which has not yet been built)

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