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new ilcsoft developers release v01-17-04 [message #2279] Thu, 24 October 2013 07:16
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Dear all,

a new patch release in the v01-17 cycle of developers versions is available with v01-17-04

Apart from the usual bug fixes, a number of new features are included. Also a new package "SlicPandora" is introduced.

Please refer to the release notes, which are duplicated below.

Use the ilcinstall tool with the appropriate configuration files in order to install ilcsoft v01-17-04.

Reference installation in afs are available at:

/afs/ # SL5 64bit
/afs/ # SL6

Please report any problems and questions regarding this release in this forum.

Christoph, for the ilcsoft team.


 Changes in v01-17-04  w.r.t. iLCSoft v01-17-03

Introduces a new package:
SlicPandora v01-00-00
        by J. McCormick

LCIO v02-04-03

        - Added a statement about the minimum python version to use

        - Adapted the example to the changed interface in EventLoop.

MOKKA mokka-08-03

! Corrected the density value of Nitrogen gas, and Changed the input  density
of Cherenkov gas by the pressure. (Shaojun Lu)

+ Add new driver TBcatcher09 for the CALICE TailCatcher (Angela Lucaci-Timoce)

- the previous driver (TBcatcher08) had a bug in the
  for (G4int i = 0; i < n_layers; i++)
       // here is the line with the bug
       // bool withCassette = ([i-1] == '1');
       // the line below is the correct one
       bool withCassette = ([i] == '1');

the boolean withCassette was always false for i=0 (i.e. for the first layer).
As a result, the first fine layer was never build.

- The sensitive detector was changed to TBSD_VCell04.
  With respect to the AHCAL case, for the TailCatcher a 1 is added 
  in the layer number (otherwise we get layers from 0 to 15, instead of layers from 1 to 16)

 (I checked that previous TailCatcher drivers use TBSD_VCell03 as sensitive detector,
  therefore they will not affected by this change.)

! fixed naming of pointer variables: (Frank Gaede)
   removed duplicate class name qualifiers (TBSD_VCell03::TBSD_VCell03)

DD4HEP DD4hep v00-05

        Markus Frank:
  - Throw exception if the expression evaluator sees a problem.
    The message printed before was often not seen.
  - Improve printout on exceptions and plugin abortion
  - Remove the typedef RotationZYX -> Rotation and
    import the type RotationZYX from ROOT::Math.

  - Add more explicit error messages in case a plugin is not found.
  - Add file TGeoUnits.h, which allows to use the "usual SystemOfUnits"
    from CLHEP using TGeo with the namespace tgeo::xxx
    Example: tgeo::mm -> 0.1 (Geant3: cm, sec,  GeV, degree)
                 ::mm -> 1.0 (Geant4: mm, nsec, MeV, radian)
    I hope I got all translations right.
    Geant4                                   Geant3
    millimeter         mm=1,cm=10            centimeter  mm=0.1,cm=1
    nanosecond         s=1e9                 second      ns=1e-9,s=1
    Mega electron Volt GeV=1e3               GeV         GeV=1
    radian             rad=1                 degree      rad=180/pi

    Unclear to me was if in Geant3 steradian is also 2*2*pi or 2*2*180 degree.

        F. Gaede:
       - changes to build system:
         (see ReadMe.txt for details)

         - moved examples to ./example directory   
           - they are not built as part of DD4hep anymore

         - install in ./bin
           (modified to have the correct pathes) 

         - added -DINSTALL_DOC=on/off option
           to build doxygen documentation (in ./doc/html/index.html)

         - create DD4hepConfig.cmake for easy building against DD4hep
           ( see examples CMakeLists.txt)

       - fixed doxygen API documentation (C.Rosemann)
          (greatly improved with many graphs)

MarlinReco v01-08

 - John Marshall:
        Update fillECALGaps function, so that it remains identical to that implemented in NewLDCCaloDigi processor (i.e. copy the NewLDCCaloDigi updates from 9th Jan 2013).
   Apply HCAL "other" calibration constant to both ring and plug calorimeter hit types.

MarlinTPC v00-15
        General remarks: Following the analysis workshop at KEK several new analysis processors were
        developed and added. Each comes with a corresponding root script to make the corresponding graph/plot.
        A style file has been added to be used to make plots, so they look consistent.
        Authors so far:  F. Mueller and A. Muennich
        New in analysis/:
        New in analysis/rootscripts             

        - F. Mueller: added: a processor to synchronize the hit time of data taken with several RCUs
        - A. Muennich:  added additional time method in PulseFinder to get  time from center of gravity of region around maximum. 
                                                        added usage of reference point in ModuleDistortionCalculator

        - P. Hayman: added Micromegas analysis tools: MMPulseFinderProcessor

        - C. Kleinwort: New RowTripletBasedTrackFinderProcessor; FixCellID,
          FixErrors adjusted
                        New track finder (for LPTPC) based on triplets of rows.
                        TPCHitFixErrors overwrites covariance matrix (instead of adding).
                        TPCHitFixCellIDs encodes ModuleID in CellID0, need to be switched off for Clupatra 
                                                                (<parameter name="EncodeModuleID" type="bool">false </parameter>).

        - Bo Li: update for tracking in multi-module of the branch

        - C. Menzen: added Multicheap read-in. Reads individual data files for
          each chip individually
                      multichip capability in InGridSimpleClusterFinder and TimepixHitAndTrackChargeprocessor

        + minor small improvements on plots and several bug fixes

GBL v01-16-01

 - implemented diagonalization of scatters in cpp version
 - major cleanup of python version

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. (Sir A.C. Doyle in Sign of Four)
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